Batman & Robin
Release: June 20, 1997
Release: June 20, 1997

Based on Batman characters from DC Comics created by Bob Kane. Along with crime-fighting partner Robin and new recruit Batgirl, Bruce Wayne/Batman battles the dual threat of frosty genius Mr. Freeze and homicidal horticulturalist Poison Ivy. Freeze plans to put Gotham City on ice, while Ivy tries to drive a wedge between the dynamic duo.

Mr. Freeze: "Winter has come at last."
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Robin: "I can't believe we are fighting over a bad guy."
Batman: "Bad, yes. Guy, no."
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Mr. Freeze: "STAY COOL!"
Batman: "$1,000,000?"
Robin: "$2,000,000."
Batman: "You don't have it. $3,000,000."
Robin: "I'll borrow it from you. #4,000,000."
Batman: "$7,000,000. [shows his Batman-themed credit card] Never leave the cave without it."
Poison Ivy: "His name is Bane."
Mr. Freeze: "A laundry service that delivers, Wow!"
Alfred: "I must have dozed off. My sincerest apologies."
Bruce Wayne: "Oh, there's no apology necessary, Alfred. It's the first time it's happened in 30 years."
Mr. Freeze: "What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Age!"
Robin: "It's the hockey team from hell!"
Mr. Freeze: "I will blanket the city in endless winter. First Gotham, and then the world."
Robin: "A poison kiss? You have some real issues with women, you know that?"
Poison Ivy: "Stop living in the shadow of the big bad bat. You don't need him. You're the star. I can see it now. Your own big bright signal in the sky. Let me guide you. Let me kiss you."
Poison Ivy: "I've never been good with competition. Who needs a frigid wife anyway?"
Bruce Wayne: "Alfred's not sick, he's dying."
Mr. Freeze: "I hope that Mr. Bane can swim."
Poison Ivy: "As I told Lady Fries when I pulled her plug, this is a one woman show."
Poison Ivy: "Men, the most absurd of God's creatures. We give you life and we can take it away just as easily."
Robin: "I hate to disappoint you but my rubber lips are immune to your charms."
Robin: "You just can't stand it! Maybe she wanted me instead of you. I mean, this is your idea of friendship, isn't it, Bruce? It's your house, it's your rules, it's your way to the highway! It's Batman and Robin, not Robin and Batman, and I'm sick of it!"
Mr. Freeze: "You're not sending ME to the COOLER!"
Poison Ivy: "Mammals, a day of reckoning is coming. That's right, the same plants and flowers that saw you crawl from the primordial soup will reclaim the planet. And there will be no-one to protect you."
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