The Catwoman

Who's Wicked enough to be the next Catwoman?
July 20, 2011
NOTICE: For all of you fans of Batman out there, I just want to say at first that I'm not starting or spreading rumors or giving out any information from DC Comics or Warner Bros. I'm just expressing my own ideas of what I'd like to see or can imagine.

As popular as Batman has been throughout the last few decades or before, We've seen (so far) two new Batman movies that are even more serious than the ones from the 80s and 90s. Of course lots of Bat-fans remember those good old days of the Batman series and movie starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, from the 60s.

As much as we have seen the beginning of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins when Batman battles his first enemy who trained him to be a fighter; Ra's Al Ghul and Batman's escalation with his worst enemy; The Joker.

We've already have seen these villains:

Ra's Al Ghul:




But what about the feline Super-Villian from the comics of Batman?

Okay for all fans of Batman, for the character of Catwoman, we have seen so far...

Julie Newmar

Lee Meryweather

Eartha Kitt

Michelle Pfiefer


Haley Barry

These are who we Bat-fans know have had the role of Catwoman throughout the years. But who would be the "PURR-FECT" Catwoman in one of the upcoming Chris Nolan Batman movies? Well after searching images of different actresses at either I.M.D.B., Yahoo! Images, and Google Images, and have thought in conclusion that the one and only actress who would be, without a "MEOW" of a doubt who would be the very "PURR-FECT" Catwoman who would whip, pounce, and scratch Christian Bale/Batman with her sharpened claws.... actress known for her roles in both the Broadway and Hollywood versions of "Rent" and for her role in the 2003 Broadway hit "Wicked," which is the one and only...

Idina Menzel

Why Idina Menzel? Well here's some logical reasons of why I can see her being the next Catwoman.

Seeing Idina in her cat outfit in the movie of "Rent," it certainly makes me feel she's frisky enough to be the next Catwoman in one of the upcoming Chris Nolan Batman movies.

Seeing her also in the Broadway musical hit, "Wicked" as Elphaba or what she was known as in the popular storybook by L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz, as The Wicked Witch of the West, that's another way to show that Idina could be Batman's wicked feline; The Catwoman. That is if she wanted to audition for that role. Like I said it's just my idea on who could be the next Catwoman.

How will Batman/Bruce Wayne deal with and overcome the wicked feline, Catwoman, when she starts ruling and controlling all the crimes and chaos in all Gotham City in one of upcoming Chris Nolan Batman movies? Furthermore, how much worse will it be compare to what all happen when Ra's Al Ghul tried to destroy Gotham City or when Joker caused so much chaos and bringing Gotham City's District Attorney, Harvey Dent down to his level shortly after him becoming Two-Face?

And will Gotham City Police Commissioner, Jim Gordan and his wife and kids be in worse jeopardy with Catwoman compare to them with Harvey Dent/Two-Face? My only answer as a Bat-fan is, we'll just have to wait and see when director Chris Nolan gets around to the upcoming Batman movie with Catwoman.

As much as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have changed the way we've known or looked at Batman compare the old 60s series with Adam West and Burt Ward, to Batman (from 1989) and Batman Returns with Michael Keaton as Batman, to Batman Forever with Val Kilmer as Batman, to Batman & Robin with George Clooney as Batman, to any other versions of Batman throughout the last century, I would really like to see how much more realistic them villains of Batman's, especially Catwoman, will be.

As of early 2011, it was announced that Anne Hathaway was the actress selected for the role of Catwoman in the upcoming Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. So, as much as I thought and imagined Idina being Catwoman, I think Anne will also be able to claw Christian Bale.

Note: I was in the process of this article way before I.M.D.B. announced that Anne Hathaway was to be Catwoman. So I hope many Bat-fans still enjoy this article of mine.
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