The Batman Movies #1: Tim Burton's Batman

This article is a review of Tim Burton's Batman movies.
July 29, 2013

I love Batman. He is definitely my favorite superhero. What I am going to do is a series of article that review all the Batman movies from Tim Burton to Christopher Nolan.

On this article I am going to review Tim Burton's Batman movies.

Tim Burton's Batman (1989-1992):

In the 1980's, Warner Bros wanted to make a Batman movie. They spent the whole decade trying to come with good scripts and finding directors for the project.

Finally in 1986, Tim Burton took over as director of the first live-action Batman movie.

When it was announced that Micheal Keaton was casted as Batman, it actually caused a lot of controversy with fans of the character at the time. People thought he wasn't meant for the role as Batman, and he was mostly known for doing comedy movies at the time and not serious roles.

Batman (1989):

The hype for Batman 89 was HUGE. At the people had mainly known Batman from the 1960's TV series with Adam West as Batman, so many people thought of Batman as a campy character.

Thank goodness Batman 89 changed all of that.

A lot of people who love Tim Burton's Batman movies are going to disagree with me, but if you enjoy Tim Burton's Batman movies, that is fine. But, I just didn't feel they were very good Batman movies.

Personally, I thought Batman 89 was an alright movie. While I found it enjoyable to watch, as a Batman film, I found just alright.

Micheal Keaton's Batman:

I felt Micheal Keaton was an alright Batman, but I felt he was miscast in the role. I felt he was too scrawny and didn't have the right body for Batman which kinda effected his performance and some of his action scenes.

And, I absolutely HATED his Bruce Wayne. I felt he did not look like the billionare-type, nor did he even act like one.

Jack Nicholson's Joker:

I feel that Jack Nicholson's Joker was good, even though his performance came off as campy at times. But he did a good job, and I liked his Joker.

This movie also had LOTS of flaws:

- In the comics, the Joker DOES NOT KILL Bruce's parents. That is Joe Chill.
- Batman does not kill.
- This movie did a horrible of job of showing Batman's detective skills. Batman is supposed to be the World's Greatest Detective. In this movie, Batman didn't even act like a detective at all.
- Casting Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent is NOT Black.
- Commissioner Gordon is hardly in this movie. Commissioner Gordon is a VERY IMPORTANT character in the Batman universe.

Batman Returns (1992):

In 1992, the sequel to Batman was released, and was called Batman Returns. This movie had Catwoman and the Penguin as the villains in the sequel.

I personally did not like this movie. To me, it was more of a Tim Burton movie with Batman, Catwoman, and the Penguin in it.

Danny Devito's Penguin:

Lets get started with Danny Devito's Penguin. The Penguin is one of my favorite Batman villains, but in this movie, he is not the Penguin.

In the comics, the Penguin is an evil nightclub business man that provides cover for criminal activity. He is one of Batman's biggest foes. In this movie, he is some nasty sewer freak who thrown in a sewer by his parents and was founded by a flock of penguins.

I just felt that Danny Devito's Penguin was very over-the-top in this movie and wasn't written well. He also did not resemble the Penguin of the comics, cartoons, and video games in any way.

I mean being thrown in a sewer by your parents, and being raised by penguins? That's just stupid.

Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman:

I also did not like Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman. Selina Kyle is a theif, not a secretary like in this movie. She did not act like Catwoman or Selina at all.

And her origin was even worse. Selina Kyle falls out of a window, gets bitten up by cats, suddenly starts acting crazy, and becomes Catwoman. How over-the-top and stupid can you get?

You would think a Batman movie with the Penguin and Catwoman in it would be great and exciting. But not this movie.

The story in Batman Returns was just not good, and as overall movie, it was terrible. If Tim Burton didn't want to follow the source material, he could have at least tried to make a good movie. This movie's reception was also responsible for the next two trainwrecks in the Batman franchise. But I will get to that in the next article.

Thanks for reading, guys! Please leave me your thoughts on you felt about the article! I will get to Article#2 as soon as possible!
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