The Nanny
Debut: January 01, 1993
Ended: January 01, 1999
Debut: January 01, 1993
Ended: January 01, 1999

Selling make-up door to door, she met a very succesful broadway producer Maxwell Sheffield. Now she has been hired for take care of his children, Maggie, Brighton and Gracie. Constantly helped by the buttler Niles and tricked by Maxwell's bussines partner C.C. Babcock, she'll do anything to gain Maxwell's love. She can't help getting in trouble involving her best friend Val and always beeing saved by her boss and always be fastidiated by her mother Silvia or her grandmother Yetta.

Fran: "You will all be remembered."
Audience Member: "And so will you!"
Fran: "With much gratitude, thank you very very much. God bless, and think peace. Good night everybody! (Last lines on the final episode)"
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Ms. Fine: "HURRY UP KIDS, THE LIMO'S WAITING! I love saying that!"
Niles: "And I love hearing it."
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Ms. Fine: "MR. SHEFFIELD!!"
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Mr. Sheffield: "MISS FINE!! -Mr. Sheffield"
Fran: "Honey, as long as *I* am living under *your* roof you will do as I say. -Fran"
Val Fran: "Val: The bank robber took your mother. Fran: Oh, my god! That poor man! -Val Fran"
Niles: "Niles: Did Caca do a no-no in the kitchen? -Niles"
Gracie Fran: "Look Fran, giant Barbie Dolls.' 'No Honey, these toys are for boys. -Gracie Fran"
Fran: "Fran: I saw Mr. Sheffield naked in the shower. -Fran"
Fran: "As appealing as Hepatitis sounds, yellow's just not my color. -Fran"
Max: "Max: [to Fran] Have you seen Gracie's Halloween costume? She looks a bit more like a trick than a treat. -Max"
Fran Max: "Fran: You know, I've got half a mind... Max: No argument there! -Fran Max"
Philippe: "Philippe: Your queen looks like a man. -Philippe"
Philippe Philippe: "Hello, Caca.'' ''What?'' ''Is this not what C.C. stands for? That is what the butler told me. -Philippe Philippe"
Mr. Sheffield Niles: "Can you keep a secret?' 'Well, I'm good until I meet the next person. -Mr. Sheffield Niles"
C.C. Niles: "C.C.: I couldn't put a foot out of bed this morning. Niles: Did someone put a rock on your coffin again? -C.C. Niles"
C.C. Niles: "I find I can catch more flies with honey.' 'I always thought your tongue darted out. -C.C. Niles"
C.C. Niles: "C.C.: I wouldn't be caught dead in that dress. Niles: You'd have to be dead six months to fit in it. -C.C. Niles"
Fran C.C.: "Fran: Question. When they shot Bambi's mother, did you find that a sad moment... at all? C.C.: I'm sure she's mounted on a nice wall in a fine home somewhere. -Fran C.C."
Niles: "Oh, what are you doing here, the sun is up. -Niles"
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