SegaFanatic is returning once again, and this isn't a video game related list this time. Today, I just wanted to discuss the 6 greatest X-Mas videos, specials or movies. The holiday season is filled with joy and wonder, so I figured I should throw in my 2 cents and do a Christmas article. Now, I don't want people to berate me for not listing their choices, so these are in no specific order. Let's get started!

#6 - Home Alone
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If you celebrate Christmas, you've at least heard of this movie. This movie is a classic. It's main focus is being together as a family for Christmas, and how could you go wrong. Kevin is a likable character, who may be a jerk, but he's still really innocent. The mom character won't let her son have Christmas alone, and the actors do good jobs. This movie had great writing, and it could've been like...that abomination known as Home Alone 3, but instead they made a timeless story.

#5 - Garfield Christmas Special
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This one always gets busted out at Christmas time with tons of families, and who could blame them. Jon's family is hilarious and very likable, Garfield is still as funny as ever, and the writing is still pretty good. If I had to say one thing at all, I'd say it is pretty cheesy, and cheesy just makes me feel awkward inside. But, I love Garfield, so I don't care. I really don't need to critique it, you've seen it before.

#4 - A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

There's the whole special. You're welcome. First, Animaniacs is one of my all-time favorite shows, so the writing is still there. The message is clear, and the characters are lovable. The video is right there. Go watch it. Even if you don't like the T.V. series, you will enjoy this special. The ending is very touching. The Animaniacs creators really aren't touching that much...OK I'm lying, for some reason there were plenty of touching moments in the series, but this one is the best. I love this special, and you should too. Fantastic writing, great animation, good acting, don't miss out on this one!

#3 - The Charlie Brown Christmas Special
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Like Garfield, you've already seen this one. It's on every year. It's just a classic. The movie looks like it has a really low budget, but does that affect the movie in any way? No. It is just here to bring a amazing story to your television, and I think this special really delivers in that department. We all know how it goes. The acting is pretty bland, but it works and I find it really touching. This special will always be one of the things that inspired me to be an artist. This special will always have a place in anybody's heart.

#2 - Die Hard

Die Hard isn't really Christmas-like, but it has "Let It Snow" and Christmas parties, that's all you need. A fast-paced action movie with tons of laughs, high velocity action, intense scenes, and "Let It Snow"! Some people might say this isn't a Christmas movie, but it is so epic that you HAVE to let it slide. This movie kicks butt in so many ways, that it deserves to be brought out this Christmas. Not to mention it has Bruce Willis, and he ISN'T bald in this one.

#1 - Gremlins
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This is a really fun movie. It is so chaotic and it has little demon monsters blowing up inside microwaves, sweet. The Gremlins are pretty fun to watch, if anything to see what they can do to screw things up. But, Gizmo is really cute. I don't find the human characters the most interesting people in the world, but they do have their cool moments. The sequel isn't too bad either, but it doesn't have such delightful Christmas overtones like Gremlins exploding inside the microwave. Remember that creepy story about the girl's father dressing like Santa and dying? That is what I watch Christmas movies for.

I know I left out some of your favorites, but don't let that stop you! Comment below what you think are YOUR favorite Christmas movies or specials. I'd love to hear it. With all that said, I'm SegaFanatic, and I'll see you next month!