Alpha and Omega
Release: September 17, 2010
Release: September 17, 2010

After park rangers capture and ship them halfway across the country, omega wolf Humphrey (Justin Long) and alpha wolf Kate (Hayden Panettiere) find themselves on a rocky road trip. Humphrey is all about fun, while Kate devotes herself to duty and discipline. Back home, rival wolves menace their pack, and only Kate and Humphrey can restore peace -- but first, they must survive each other.

Eve: "[to the eastern pack] I just want to say one thing, if any of you wolves have hurt my daughter I will personally rip out your eyes and shove them down your throat so you can see my claws tearing your carcass open! [All the eastern wolves back away in fear]"
Lilly: "Uhh... mom?"
Eve: "Not now dear, mommy's in a rage."
Lilly: "Well, well since Kate 'stood up' Garth, I could show him around until she gets back."
Garth: "[Scoffs] I wouldn't say stood up."
Tony: "[Off screen] Garth!"
Garth: "[Gulps] Sounds good to me."
Lilly: "Well come on Garth."
Eve: "[Growls at Garth] Aw, isn't that sweet? She gets it from me."
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Lilly: "I told you, I don't hunt."
Garth: "Here, maybe this'll help. [pushes the fur out of her eyes] Wow..."
Lilly: "'Wow' what?"
Garth: "Your eyes, they're beautiful."
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Humphrey: "You wolves are making us look bad. Look, the caribou are laughing at us! [the caribou laugh and shake their rears mockingly] Ugh, now that's a moon I don't wanna howl to!"
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Humphrey: "[as he and Kate spin wildly through the air] What are you doing up here?"
Kate: "I'm practice-hunting for our lunch."
Humphrey: "Oh good, 'cause I'm about to lose mine. [Gulps]"
Kate: "You are? Ew."
Humphrey: "I'll try to swallow it."
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Kate: "[Kate and Humphrey come across a bear] Don't move, we can handle this."
Humphrey: "We can? [Suddenly, two more bears join in]"
Kate: "Okay, *now* we're in trouble!"
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Paddy: "[from trailer] You were relocated to re-populate."
Kate: "Ah!"
Humphrey: "Oh, sounds good to me. [Kate puts her paw under Humphrey's chin]"
Kate: "No."
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Humphrey: "[to a trio of angry bears] You guys like jokes? Good. Okay, so two bears are eating a clown. And one of the bears says "Does this taste funny to you?" [One of the bears knocks him into a mountain] A simple "boo" would have sufficed."
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