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My Top 5 Animated Crushes
February 15, 2008
When I was a little girl sometimes I had a crush on characters that I knew weren't real but looked physically attractive to me.

So here for the first time ever are my top 5 Animated Crushes when I was a little girl.

5. Jake Rockwell (The Centurions)

Jake Rockwell: Rugged Land Operations Specialist and one of my animated crushes that will go in a long line.

When people think of the Centurions they usually think about Ace McLoud or Max Ray but when I was 8 Jake Rockwell was my animated crush.

Jake Rockwell had a really nice physique and was sort of the strong silent type. In fact the ONLY reason why I ever watched the Centurions is because of Jake Rockwell.

4. Warrant Officer Flint (G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero)

Dashiel R Fairborne aka Flint. Sigh oh yes. One of my G.I. Joe crushes when I was 8.

Yes I even had a crush on an animated hunky Warrant Officer named Dashiel R Fairbourne aka Flint. It's too bad Lady Jaye saw him first. Man if I had been animated into a cartoon like Lady Jaye was I would be all over Flint like a cheap suit.

3. Herc Armstrong (InHumanoids)

Herc Armstrong is the leader of the Earth Corps and certainly one of my top picks for animated crushes.

Herc was probably one of the guys on this list that I didn't expect that I would have a crush on but when I was 10 I was absolutely crushing on him. Who wouldn't have wanted a guy like Herc in their lives.
2. Tie: Matt Trakker and Dusty Hayes (M.A.S.K.: Mobile Armor Strike Kommand)

What can I say? I had a thing for blondes and brunettes.

In this instance I couldn't choose just one animated guy to crush on so instead I chose two. Dusty Hayes, who rides Gator, and Matt Trakker the leader of the M.A.S.K. Mobile Armor Strike Kommand team.

What else can I say except that I had a thing for blondes and brunettes?

I chose both of them because I was 10 and I couldn't choose just one M.A.S.K. team member over the other.

Matt Trakker: Mild-mannered business man by day crime super sleuth by night.

1. Conrad S "Duke" Hauser (G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero

Duke is my #1 animated crush and it's his daring that puts him on the top of my list of my animated crushes.

Out of all the animated men of the 80s Duke happens to be my #1 animated crush and he is for a reason. Not because he's kind and generous but he has an exciting streak that makes him daring and sometimes that makes him a bit stupid.

Duke was one of my first animated crushes and certainly one of the most exciting crushes.

That's my list of my top 5 animated crushes and if you disagree with this list then please feel free to comment on it because you won't hurt my feelings any.
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