Let's go BACK to the Mall

Back in the days when malls were actually good.
August 28, 2008
When we were young, we had to go to places our parents go to, and one of those places were the mall. When you're a kid, it was okay to go to the mall with your parents, but as you reach teenage whenever you had to go the mall with your parents, you'd be completly embarrased in front of your friends because no teenagers liked doing things with their parents. Everyone here had very fond memories of the mall, especially RoadGeek. No one in my town likes the mall we have, it's small, it's not easy to get lost, and it's gay, like our town. The pictures I'll post aren't the exact stores at my mal, of what my mall had. So I will tell memories as a kid of the mall and its stores.

Let me start of one of my all time mall favorites. The arcade was the shit man, I don't remember any of the games it had, but I remember what it looked like. During the 90s when teens wanted to go to the mall and not really mall, they'd go to the movies or hang at the arcade. I remember seeing a lot of kids, teens, and adults (maybe), playing some of the really cool arcade games. In the 70s, arcade games were from Atari and other bad systems, in the 80s, arcade games came from NES and people would be waiting to play Super Mario Bros, in the 90s, it was arcade games that had better graphics and cool game play, and in the late 90s it was the 3D games and declining. The arcade that was at my mall is now a chinese resturant and arcade were put in the movie theater which at the time was brand new. We will always salute the arcade.

As us being kids we loved buying movies, so that's why the mall had video stores, stores like Suncoast and Sam Goody. Suncoast was my personally my favorite because the store design was interesting. In 2004, Ren and Stimpy came out on DVD, and because of its release, Suncoast had this big stack of Ren and Stimpy products, and oddly barely any of its products were associated with Nickelodeon. The only I bought out all those products were of course, the DVD, other than that I also bought the 1999 video release of the Yellow Submarine. Now most of those stores are almost gone and is replaced with FYE. The Suncoast that was at my mall was soon replaced with JAMM and then it was replaced with Spencer Gifts. The only thing that's changed of the stores over the years were DVD replacing VHS and CD replacing records and cassetes.

Since a lot of kids go to the mall, malls needed something for them, so that's why the mall had KB Toys. Other toy stores than that had TOYS R US and the Disney Store, my mall just had KB Toys. Whenever I went to there, it always looked like it was going out of bussiness. A few years ago if you don't know, the KB toys coperation had to shut down almost every KB Toy store in the US, which sadly included the store at my mall. It was then replaced by a clothing store, which leads to the conclusion of this paragraph that now you can barely find a toy store in your mall.

A lot of stores for teens usually had clothing stores, but they needed teen store that wasn't just a clothing store, so that's why there's Spencer Gifts. The Spencer Gifts at my mall had the logo you see in the picture above. I first went to the store at age 6, I never really noticed any of the innapropriate material. My greatest memories there was in 2000, when they had 1999 re-release of Yellow Submarine, Spencer's had a huge stack of the 1999/2000 Yellow Submarine products (if you guys know what I mean). Within a couple of years the store got too innapropriate and my parents never let me in there again until I was older, which i am now. Spencer Gifts was just recently relocated at the former Suncoast store to make way for Forever 21, sadly new location of that store doesn't have the original 70s logo.

People get hungry at the mall, so the mall had food courts, the place where you get every kind of food you need. Before 2000, since mall had to be shitty and gay (which still is), it didn't have a food court, it just had seperate resturants. Resturants that are and were at my mall were Scotto's Pizza, which is now Pizzatella, Subway, with the logo from the mid-90s, Roy Rogers, which was replaced with Hollister, Wok Express, formally the arcade, Ruby Tuesday, the only real resturant, Bun-N-Burger, which was replaced with unknown, and a bunch others. In 2000 my mall was renovated with new lites, new flooring, and the smallest food court in the universe. So, what can I say, we liked eating at the mall.

Lets all go to the lobby, lets all go to the... I HATE THAT ANNOYING TUNE! A mall would not ever be without a movie theater. The movie theater at my mall was different during the 90s, 80s, and 70s, it was originally a 5-screen movie theater, even more gay. The earliest i remember going to that theater was seeing "The Parent Trap," i can't remember what the theater looked like then. In 1999, the mall did a small expansion, which brought new bad stores, Barnes and Noble, and a better movie theater. The new movie theater brought arcade games, a Nathan's and a Ben and Jerrys, and 8 additional movie screens, completeky movie theater original.

As I spoke about the fun memories at the mall, now I disscuss the bad memories at the mall. Going to Macy's and JCPenny's as a kid is probably the most annoying place to go. My mother would always have to stop and one of those stores for a long time to look and some stupid clothing that she doesn't buy. I couldn't stand it, I always had to tell my mother "Mom, I wanna get out of here." But that's what you have to do as a kid with your parents, go to some stupid stores you don't wanna go to, we just couldn't handle it.

Now I conclude my article with malls of today, arcades are almost extincted, DVD stores are mostly FYE, toy stores are just the Disney store, Spencer's got more playboy items, fast food resturants get shut down, movie theaters haven't changed, good stores are being replaced with stores that are clothing, jewlery, health and beauty, and I still go to the mall with my parents occasionally. The my mall is still fine, but still gay. Who do we blame for these great stores going away, one word,

Have a nice day everyone.
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