The Land

Here's my review of the land at Epcot
July 30, 2009
Hi again Retrojunkers, Mcogfan with yet again another Epcot article.

Before I begin I just want to let you all know that I've getting some complaints from most of you about how I added too many pictures in the Energy article. I agree with all of you, I was gonna redo it remove most photos but it got posted before I could redraft it. The reason I do that is because I want to try and create the attraction so that you all can remember what it was once like, I guess if I do current attractions, I will add less photos since those are still up and running, and for the past ones I will add a little more but not a whole lot.

And now I would like to present the next attraction.

I never really cared much for this one, but after taking a biology class awhile back and thinking about recycling, I got interested. The land exhibit tells us how we can learn to respect and live with the land, it talks about man's relationship to nature and how we might improve it for future needs.

Once you make your way inside, you descend down into a food court area called farmers market, I think that's the name of it still but I'm not quite sure if it is. There are lots of things inside other than getting a bite to eat.

There is a boat ride that you can go on that shows you man's relation ship with nature. The first version was called "listen to the land" that has a wonderful theme song that I'm starting to remember.

Today, it's called living with the land and the theme song is gone but this version does have wonderful nature music, that's what I like about this version.

When we begin, In LTTL, (listen to the land), we see an array of illuminating plant life before us, our host tells us that this is man's harmony with nature; this part was called "symphony of the seed". I only saw this twice in my life, except what I can remember about it was our host said that this is the future of agriculture; a bit unusual for me to understand.

In LWTL, (living with the land), it's now a rainstorm and a female narrator tells us how it's violent force is part of the cycle of life.

That's about what's changed with this attraction, and now here's the rest.

We're taken through different landscapes, like the rainforest.

The scorching desert landscape.

And the old fashioned American prairie, complete with herd of buffalo, and a violent storm heading it's way.

We now make our way into a barn and to our left we see different films that show us how we are learning different to harvest crops. From there we enter the greenhouses. I think that there are three or four different types of greenhouses.

Inside, we see numerous types of crops being grown in the ground, some moved on conveyer belts, and there's even a place where they harvest fish. Most of the crops grown here are actually served in the restaurants all over Epcot, I sorta knew that at first. There's even a house where it demonstrates how crops are grown in outer space. I actually thought those were plants from outer space; I was young at the time so that's what I thought. Other than the boat ride, you can actually take a tour through the greenhouses as well, I never did that so I really didn't care for it that much.

We now conclude our boat ride and once we're out of the boat there are still other places to go.

There's a harvest theatre and it gives us a more in depth look at man's relationship with the land. There were two films that were shown in here; the first film was called Symbiosis, it tells about how man lives and takes from the land.

The second film is called Circle of life and it's exactly just like the previous film. Adult Simba, Timon and Pumba serve as our hosts. Timon and Pumba are building a resort but what they don't know is that they're harming the land, Simba tells them the story about how man does the same thing only forgets what happens if they keep it up.

In another part, there's this show called Kitchen Kabaret, which stars a different number of fruits and vegetables entertaining us about good nutrition. I never actually saw this show so don't know much about it.

Another show came along after that, it was called food rocks, I never cared much for this one as well, but the only thing I like about it was that in the preshow area, there were smell boxes that had different scents, I forgot which ones they were, that's not important to me. Another thing I remember was that the show was hosted a character named food wrapper, the character was voiced by Tone Loc. The whole show is a taken after a parody of bunch of famous bands that perform famous songs in a nutritious way.

And now, the best part of the land attraction to date; in Soarin, you fly all across California like you've never experienced. I went on this a long time ago and it was spectacular. I'm thinking about going back sometime this year, hopefully, I'll get to do it again but this time, I'll have a fastpass.

Once we reach the boarding area, our captain, Patrick tells us about the safety rules. I find him to be very funny. I felt like I've seen him before but I don't know where. Now we board and it's off we go.

I've never been to California before, so I don't know much about what we fly over, all I know is we start at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and end at Disneyland. It's been awhile so don't criticize me on that.

Well, I hope I did a real good job on this article than I did on the last one. Thanks, take care for now.
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