The Land Before Time

Perhaps one of the best, greatest, and most influential Don Bluth Movie of our lives.
December 31, 2007
Hello Again, Everybody. So, I'm ain't talking about Jurassic Park but rather what I believe to be the best, greatest and most influential Don Bluth movie of all time and of our lives...THE LAND BEFORE TIME!!!!!

It was released 20 years ago on November 18, 1988 and beat up Disney's Oliver and Company's ass!!! It was produced by the creators of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and directed by Master animator, Don Bluth. And I know the movie's about:

It took place at the end of the age of Dinosaurs (which are my all time, most favorite animals, although they're extinct now) when the Earth is getting a facelift and makeover, givin' rise to the earthquakes and volcanos (all they do is blow their angry tops!!!) and other natural phenomena. At that moment, The whole wide world was ruled by my favorite animals, Dinosaurs, those who ate plants, and others, Theropods (aka Sharpteeth) who could munch the flesh off the herbivores.

Because of that, the plants are dwindling. So together, the Plant-Eating Dinosaurs set off for a legendary land still lush and green....The Great Valley.

The Long Necks, AKA Brontosaurs, welcomed and loved their latest arrival, a baby named Littlefoot, just in time for the quest for The Great Valley. Wanna see as a babe. Go ahead!

But a terrorist attack from Sharptooth the T-Rexy left Littlefoot's mommy senseless and beaten on the primordial floor!!!!


Ugh. Anyway, when a ultraviolent earthquake took a huge shit on the earth by opening great gorges, Littlefoot was booted out of his grandparents' side by the so called Earth Shake, and is pressured by Mother Nature to find Great Valley separately.

He was later joined by a bitchy, feisty, little Three-Horn named Cera and sets out even more. They met up with a bigmouth (or hadrosaur) named Ducky (yep, yep yep!) (Well, I've heard that voice actor Judith Barsi got her ass kicked by her daddy who in turn kicks his family's ass and his own!!! Oh My God! Judith Barsi's Dad've killed Ducky!!! You Bastard!!!), Petrie the pterosaur, or flier, who've been stumped and befuddled, and the dumb-lookin' but gentle Spike tail, or Stegy or Stegosaurus, Spike.

Well, there ain't no herd like this before. With Littlefoot leading, the five little kiddies travels through unknown and uncharted Prehistoric Lands, searching for the great valley, and following the bright circle across the sky called The Sun. As days pass, and their hopes started to fade, the only thing that keeps them goin' is Littlefoot's optimism and determination.

However, Cera was pissed off, and went on her own, after the 4 dinosaurs escapes from a tar pit called Rancho LaBrea and a fiery volcano (Yeah, the wrong way they took and the turbulent ruins of their world predated Peter Jackson's Mordor in his groundbreaking, Oscar Winning Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which is for now, at this point, ain't retro for you til 2011 or 2010 or something.), She rejoins the 4 dinosaurs contritely.

Pissed off by Sharptooth's repeated so called terrorist attacks, the group thought they would kick Sharptooth's ass and they did by using Ducky as bait, and p'wning him with a boulder and banished him to his bottomless lake grave thingy.
With one final burst of strength, everybody reach one last hill and here comes....The Great Valley!!!! Whoo Hoo!!! I love that Great Valley, so do Littlefoot and his friends!!!

Families are, at long last, reunited Littlefoot find his grandparents, and the peaceful herds begin their new life in the glorious Great Valley.


This is one of the greatest animations of all time and of our lives. For this, The Land Before Time, Don Bluth, brought great animation and dinosaurs back together since Disney's Fantasia. Well, it took nearly three years to make. The Dinosaurs took shape after a whole lotta visits to Natural History Museums, examinations of fossils, dinosaur reconstructions and even studies of classic dinosaur art, perhaps. Modern Giraffes and Elephants and other modern animals were observed and filmed to provide the dinosaurs' movements clues. The Land Before Time features more than 600 backgrounds, 29 optical scenes, a million drawings and 100,000 hand drawn and painted animated cels were combined to complete the Land Before Time.

The Land Before Time was a great success. But the uproar over its ongoing series of sequels may have dimmed its impact. But nonetheless, stick to the original. I like the original 1988 film. One of my favorite lines cames from Cera's Dad....

"Come, Cera. Three Horns never played with Long Necks."
---Cera's Dad, The Land Before Time, 1988

And finally, one more thing. In 2011 or 2012 or 2013, Universal, my Tim Box Production Company, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Lord of the Rings and King Kong (2005) director Peter Jackson, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Barrie M. Osborne (all 5 of which will be producers.), New Zealand-based VFX companies, Weta Workshop, and Weta Digital, and I, as director, writer, and producer, will remake the Land Before Time, and will keep it 100% true and faithful to the tradition of the 1988 original.

It will blend Realistic CGI (Littlefoot and his friends and some of the long necks, especially Littlefoot's mother, as it turns out, will remain unchanged, even though they'll be CG in my remake) characters and creatures seamlessly with VFX wizardry, and a blend of Live Action/Miniature/Digital environments, to groundbreaking effect.

It will be shot entirely on 24-P digital high defintion video and in an aspect ratio of 2.35:1. It will feature a music score by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard (but no musical numbers, please!) (although it will sound like the music of Disney's Dinosaur, Jerry Goldsmith's music for Congo, and the music for The Lion King). It will be budgeted for $356 million, and will have a theatrical running time of 3 hours (that is 180 minutes) (or if extended for home video, 3 hours and 52 minutes, that is 232 minutes), and it will recieve a very, very, VERY MILD PG-13 rating, so it's gonna be different than the original, though.

The dinosaurs in the remake, except for Littlefoot and his friends, and the Brontosaurs, will reflect the latest scientific and paleontological theories on dinosaurs, ala Jurassic Park.

There will be three Tyrannosaurs chasing Littlefoot and his friends, Sharptooth, Redclaw and Darkclaw. In the remake, not only, the earthquake will separate Littlefoot from his grandparents, but also a meteor shower caused by the impact of an asteroid six miles as wide as Mount Everest. And There will be a protector for Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike after the Asteroid strike and the earthquake cause by it, a brave, faithful and heroic Iguanodon named Argos.

My remake is gonna be the remake to end all Land Before Time sequels. And it will be, like Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson's King Kong, an outstanding effects and animation achievement. and It'll be greater than the 1988 original.

And so, for now, until Universal, Tim Box and I will release my ambitious, groundbreaking remake of Land Before Time, Just stick to the original 1988 film, not the pointless sequels that followed it.

P.S. don't forget to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Land Before Time.

And that's the end of my article on the Land Before Time.

-Timothy Robert "Tim Box" McKenzie
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