Crazy Childhood: Legend

Swords and sorcery, monsters and maidens, Oh my!
February 08, 2010

The film "Legend" is widely known for having two versions that differ in editing and music. There's the U.K. cut, which runs for 117 minutes and has a score by Jerry Goldsmith, and there's the U.S. cut, which has been cut to 90 minutes and has a score by pop band Tangerine Dream. These two versions have their own pros and cons, but I feel that it would be easier to review one version. I'll be reviewing the U.S. cut, seeing how people are more familiar with this version. If you want to watch the U.K. cut, both versions are available in a 2-Disc "Ultimate Edition" DVD. Thank you for your time.

Legend (1985)

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Starring: Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, Mia Sara, Alice Playten, David Bennett, Cork Hubbert, Billy Barty, Robert Picardo

During the 80's, there were overloads of the following type of movie genres:

-Bloody horror flicks with masked figures
-Apocalyptic sci-fi flicks
-Crappy yet colurful romantic comedys
-Gremlins ripoffs

And probably one of the biggest ones would have to be the fantasy films. Think about it, you got The Black Cauldron, The Conan series, etc. Any fantasy film's main goal is to make it look as wonderful-looking as possible. Unfortunately, some of them don't add any surprises or originality whatsoever. So they'll always land into obscurity and only a few people will worship it as a gem.


But probably one of the most underrated fantasy films of the 80's (in my opinion) is a 1985 sleeper known as Legend. Why? Because I feel that it doesn't follow the fantasy formula like most others. Sure, it does have Muppet-esque creatures, has a cheesy 80's one-liner (one of the monsters call the Lord of Darkness "Big D".), but in terms of storytelling, it has a different and refreshing turn to it.

Like I said before in my Top 10 Movie Monsters article, this film could probably be one of my all-time favorites. It's dark and intense to watch, without having any unintentonally funny values to it like most 80's fantasy films are.

"What abeautiful day to plunge the world into darkness!

"Just came back from my audition of 'Risky Business'!"


A young princess named Lily (Sara) is taken by her loved one Jack (Cruise) to see two unicorns, the saviours of light.

Kinda lame, but OK.

Lily makes the mistake of touching one, violating a rule of the universe. Meanwhile, The Lord of Darkness (Curry) hassent his minions to destroy the unicorns by cutting off their horns, which will plunge the world into eternal night, seeing how Darkness cannot exist in the daylight. Not only do the minions accomplish the evil deed, but they capture Lily. Jack must team up with a "forest child named "Gump" (Bennett, voice-dub by Playten) and a pair of trolls, (Barty and Hubbert) and save the unicorns and Lily from certain doom.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"


There are two scenes that just go on forever: the scene where Lily encounters with the unicorns and the scene where Jack finds the unicorn without it's horn and having a emotional scene about how he never meant no wrong in showing Lily the unicorns. These scenes just take forever and are painful sometimes.

There's also a scene that had promise but feels rushed. It's when Jack encounters a creature called Meg Mucklebones (Robert Picardo). The look of this creature looked so awesome and chilling but the encounter between these two characters only last a couple of seconds before Jack cuts off Meg's head in self-defense. This scene is actually longer in the U.K. cut which is better because you can see Jack using his wits instead of brawns. In the U.S. cut, though, the scene is a waste.



Everything else.

Tim Curry is just awesome as The Lord Of Darkness. His sensuous lips spill out some of the most haunting dialogue in a film, like the dialogue in the first scene we see him. The lines he says really don't make sense but he says it such gusto, he makes you fear him for years to come. Everyone else is pretty good, although Cruise is pale by comparision seeing how I could never see him in this film.

The design of the film is also cool, too. The forest looks sweet and soothing like a dream and the villian's lair is threatening and garguantuan like the most scary of nightmares.

"Do I have something in my teeth? God help you if there's something in my damn teeth!

The film also seems have Christian values. Think about it. Lily and Jack are two happy and content lovebirds like Adam and Eve, they live in an evil-free environment full of wonder and peace, and the unicorns sort of resemble the apple which plunges the word into darkness and change. In a way, this could well be a film for Christians everywhere.

"Adam And Eve"
Created by Nails105
Please excuse the crudity of this crappy picture. It's reaalllly old.

"So what if I'm the uncle of Gwildor from 'Masters Of The Universe'? I'm sure I'll reach it big in Hollywood!"

Looks like Cruise will have to rely on something else than his looks in this situation.

"Don't look at me like that, Lily. You're NOT goin' to see the uni corns. Remember what happened LAST TIME?"/bold]


One of my favorite films of all time. It's charming, dark, and surprisingly has bible values, and it works if you're a religious fellow. Definately worth a look.



See ya!
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