80s Christian Rock

The Transitional Era
January 11, 2008
I know some of you (I won't mention names) want me to keep the christian articles to myself, let me tell you right now what I think of that:I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK, I'M GONNA KEEP THE CHRISTIAN ARTICLES COMING! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!!

This is Part two of my 3 part Christian Rock article, this time I'm going for the 80s albums starting with:

Petra-Never Say Die
This can't be an article about 80's Christian Rock without these guys, this is the first album by the (then)newly reformed Petra, now when I say newly reformed, here's what happened, in 1978 Greg Hough, Bill Glover, and John Degroff (the original members of Petra) left, and it was just Greg X Volz and Bob Hartman, Rob Frazier stepped into the band in 79, but I'll talk more about that on my next article, anyway the (then)newly reformed Petra consisted of Greg X Volz:lead vocals, Bob Hartman:guitar and vocals, Mark Kelly:Bass, and John Slick:Keyboards, this has some good songs on it, like "The Coloring Song", "Praise Ye the Lord", and "Angel of Light", this was Petra's return to rock (like I said I'll explain the rest of that in my next article.)

Stryper-Soldiers Under Command
There were alot of barriers that were broken in Christian Music back in the 80s, like there was Amy Grant who did Pop music and Steve Taylor who did New Wave (which was popular back then), there was even a Christian Heavy Metal band called Stryper (abbreviated for Salvation Through Redemption Yielding Peace Encouragement and Righteousness), this is their debut album "Soldiers Under Command", this was from back when they had big hair, yellow and black spandex outfits, and at every concert Michael Sweet would throw bibles for the audience to catch, the best track on this album is "Makes me Wanna Sing."

Steven Curtis Chapman-First Hand
This was Steven Curtis Chapman's Debut, it has a distinct Country sound to it, and features his first hit "Weak Days" I'm not really a huge fan of Steven Curtis nor have I heard this album, so why am I talking about SCC you may ask? Well, I'm just giving you guys what you want.

Phil Keaggy-Town to Town
Now here's one of the most talented guitarists of Christian Rock Phil Keaggy, I've never really heard some of his solo stuff but I've heard he's talented, I've actually heard him with his old band Glass Harp (whom I'll talk about in my next article). so there's not much else to say about this guy.

Rez (A.K.A. Resurrection Band)-Innocent Blood
Before I go into detail with this album, I'll talk about the cover, you'll notice there's a little girl on the cover, well, believe it or not Glenn Kaiser (frontman for Rez) used to live right next door to the girl, eventually the little girl got abducted, and Glenn hasn't heard from her since, any Rez band goes for a Hard Rock/Metal Blues based sound on this album, my favorite track on this is altar of pain, overall after hearing this album, by far it would have to be my favorite Rez album.

Deliverance (1st album)
These guys were a milestone for Christian Metal, what I mean by that was, they were the first Christian Speed Metal band, if you haven't heard these guys, you haven't heard nothing yet, I highly reccomend this album.

Newsboys Read All About It
This was the debut album by the Australia based Pop/Rock band Newsboys, and was the only album to feature original guitarist Phil Yates, this album featured the song "I got your number" which has kind of a new wavey pop sound to it, overall this is a good album.

Steve Taylor-I want to be a clone
This is actually an EP on the other hand it's also Steve's debut album, the style he did for this release was New Wave (which was popular at the time), I've never heard Steve Taylor but like I said I'm including stuff you guys recommended in my last two articles.

Whiteheart-Don't Wait for the movie
I'm not much of a Whiteheart fan, but they have some decent stuff, this is a pretty good album, the best track on the album is "No Apologies", what I didn't know about the Huff Brothers (members of Whiteheart) is that they're the guys that formed the secular one hit wonder band Giant (famous for the hit "I'll see you in my dreams.")

Petra-Captured in Time and Space
I think I'll do one more Petra album for this article, in 1985 a Petra live album was released called "Captured in time and space (this was their only other live album aside from Petra Farewell which was released 20 years later) on this album John Lawry (who was a new member of Petra at the time) shows off his keyboard skills, this was also the last album to feature Greg X Volz, he left to pursue a solo career, and spend more time with his family, I don't really like live albums but this is a good one.

Keith Green-Songs for the Shepherd
This was Keith Green's last album that he recorded before he died in a plane crash (which was in 1982) this album is more praise and worship than his previous albums.

well that's all sorry for leaving out other bands/artists like Amy Grant, Whitecross, or anything else, up next is the conclusion 70s Christian Rock:The Jesus Movement Era, if you want any thing posted in that article just let me know
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