Top 10 Christian Rock Albums

My favorite Christian Rock CDS
January 04, 2008
WARNING:This is an article about Christian Rock, now let me warn you if you don't like it, turn back now, I do not want you making fun AT ALL!!!

This time I'm gonna talk about something I've never taken the time to talk about, if you have read my profile, you know that I'm a christian, and one of the passions in my life is Christian Rock, now the roots of Christian Rock date back to the late 60s alot of stuff happened then, especially what was called the Jesus Movement, when Christian Rock was started there were alot of people that were offended, from Christians (mostly adults) to atheists, but at the time, this new genre of rock music proved popular to christian kids who kind of rebelled against their parents, by the 90's people began to accept Christian Rock, since being a christian was in some ways a rebelleous thing. Today, I gonna show you my top 10 favorite Christian Rock
albums starting with:

10.Petra-This Means War
This is a great arena rock album by one of the pioneers of christian rock, this is the second album they've done with (former Head East lead singer) John Schlitt, now when I say this is arena that was a style Petra started to do at the time (This Means War came out in 1987) they've done so many rock styles throughout the years although by 1995 Bob Hartman (the guitarist/founder of the band) left, and these guys went downhill, other than that, this was one of the ultimate hard rock albums Petra ever did, the best track on it is "He came He saw He conquered".

9.dc Talk-Jesus Freak
dc Talk started out as a rap/hip hop band in the late 80s, and remained that way until 1995 when they released Jesus Freak, this album is kind of a departure from rap music (although there still is some to none on this album),
this overall is one of my favorite christian rock albums, it is a major classic!

8.Stryper-To Hell With the Devil
Definitely a classic album by Stryper, this was their breakthrough album (christian and secular wise), it included their first hit "Honestly" which is to me not the best song they did, there were other great tracks on this album otherwise, great sound, great songs, overall great album, now there was another cover of the album that was banned in America, though I actually have the original cover, It shows all four members dressed up as angels sending satan to Hell.

7.Michael Sweet(1st album)
In 1992 Stryper frontman Michael Sweet left the band to pursue a solo career, the other three members went on without him, however the Stryper without Michael didn't last long, and disbanded, when Michael Sweet went solo, he went for a more pop oriented sound, although with his material, you can tell there is some rock in it, this is a pretty good album, the best track is "All This and Heaven Too" which is a great rock song, so like I said, with some of his stuff you can tell that for the most part he hasn't forgotten what it means to rock.

6.John Schlitt-Shake
This is the first solo album by Petra frontman since 1986 John Schlitt (now before joining Petra, back in the mid 70's Schlitt was the lead singer for the secular rock band Head East, some of you may be familiar with the music of Head East, so you might know who John Schlitt is) this album is an experimental rock album, John kind of showcases here, I mean he does Modern Rock, Southern Fried Rock, you name it, when I first heard about this album, I thought John left Petra in 1995, as it turns out he didn't leave Petra, back in 95-96 Petra took a break and John decided to do two solo albums this year he's releasing his third solo album (I so cannot wait), the first two tracks on the album are my favorites, overall this is a good experimental rock album.

5. Newsboys-Take Me To Your Leader
This is a wonderful album from the Australia based Pop/Rock band Newsboys there are however some dorky songs on it too, like "Breakfast", and "Reality", of course this is also the last album to feature lead singer John James, but that's ok I mean these guys have gone through various band members over the years, my favorite track on this album is "God is not a secret".

4.Keith Green-For him who has ears to hear
I'm not one for mellow stuff but I like Keith Green, mainly not only for his music, but also when he first came out every church came against him, and said he was writing the devil's music, I just think that's bullcrap,
I mean it's not like he was doing hard rock, whenever I feel I need to mellow out, I just listen to this guy, this is his debut LP, I have yet to hear. Keith sadly died in 1982 in a plane crash, but his music still lives on

I'm not much into punk rock, but I like MxPx (Abbreviated for Magnified Plaid), this was from back when they started out as a christian rock band, about 4 or 5 years ago well they got kicked out of church for drinking, although they've gone back to being christian,
the line up of members for this album include Mike Herrera, Andy Husted(the only album they did with Andy), and Yuri Ruley, the best track on Pokinatcha is "The Aspect", overall Pokinatcha is my favorite MxPx album

2.Resurrection Band-Awating Your Reply
I'm into the pioneers of christian rock like Larry Norman, Glass Harp, and Darrell Mansfield, overall one of my favorite christian rock bands would have to the Rez band, they also go by Resurrection Band, or Rez, but to me they'll always be the Rez band, this band featured Glenn Kaiser who was one of the founding memebers, these guys were supposedly the first Christian Metal band, if not, they were one of the first few, I have heard some tracks from this album but not all of them, eitherway I think these guys are talented.

1.Larry Norman-Only Visiting This Planet
Now here's a christian rock legend, Larry Norman ROCKS!
this is a classic LP, which featured the hits:"Why don't you look into Jesus", "Why should the Devil have all the good music", and "Wish we'd all been ready".
Apparently what I didn't know was that Larry lives in Salem, Oregon (the town and state I live in), so I have yet to meet him.

Well that's all for now, my next article will be one on the full history of Christian Rock.
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