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Does anyone want to see the old shows on again?
December 13, 2006
I too, like most of you, love this website!!! Although what I don’t love is all the TV shows that are on nowadays…

Like the stupid shows that are constantly on these days, and I am wondering who here on this website don’t like what they see on the TV?

How many of you are tired of seeing the newer shows that are on these days: like the SpongBob SqaurePants, Being Ian, Captain Flamingo, Cat scratch, Yvonne of the Yukon, and all the other shows that have bad animations or stupid characters.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to insult all of these shows I’m just missing the good old days when I was a kid. I mean my sister didn’t even get a chance to see these shows they had cancelled all of these before she was even around, or when she was very young, and can't remember any of these anymore.

Shows like these:
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers
Duck Tales
Garfield and Friends
Inspector Gadget
Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Brothers
* Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Captain Planet
and all the other good old shows…

Man Captain Planet had to be the best Morning Cartoon I will ever remember seeing, all about saving the world in good ways and all... I was even surprised when I saw an old episode of Captain Planet on a regular Saturday morning when all the nonsense shows were supposed to be on, I went crazy because it had been almost forever since I had seen a good TV Show on.
I like the newest version of TMNT but I liked the original series better don’t know about you folks but I can also get some opinions off of you guys as well.
I am wondering who else is missing all the old shows from the past? And I want to know how to get this message around to all the big companies and to bring back these shows that we all enjoyed back then. Heck, I even remember watching Robotech on the TV, on the best Saturday Mornings of my life. Now I’m looking for the Robotech DVD sets anywhere I can find them.

I even remember the video games of this time era:
* Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Brothers
Mega Man
Sonic the Hedgehog
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I like all the Zelda games that they will ever make I just liked the original one the best and I disliked the second game Links Adventure.
Man the original Mega Man games were the best... Especially games 2 and 3. Heck you might have even seen me playing a bit of Chrono Trigger in the past. (Thank God for whoever invented the Emulator)
And as for Mario Brothers... He's gone a long ways... but what about his brother Luigi?
You only really get to see him in the Mario Party or the sporting games these days why not bring him into the really important games. I still like the mario games though... I just miss younger brother Luigi...

I would also like to point out that some of the newer shows that also got cancelled should also be brought back like:
Witch Hunter Robin – Start the next season
Gundam Seed – Start Gundam Destiny, a.k.a the next season
Reboot – Bring back Megabyte.
Beast Machines – Show what happens after Cybertron is back to normal.

But anyways, I want to know if there is any way to tell the big companies to bring back the old shows that we have access to on this website.

Thanks for reading and I hope that this will actually make a change in the way our TV Shows and video games are turning out to be.
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