The Two Best Saturday Cartoon Blocks

April 20, 2016
The first Saturday cartoon block I really watched was ABC's (Uhhh..... I dont know what was its name at the time in fact I think It never even had a name until 1991. That's when MCTV came in. MCTV(More Cool TV) was a very good cartoon block.
1. MCTV-One Saturday Morning (ABC)

I would also include a photo of MCTV but Google... SUCKS!
MCTV had some programming like Hammertime,Land of the Lost and etc.
But the main part of this is One Saturday Morning. It was 5 hours of summer once a week. With shows like Recess,Pepper Ann,The Bugs and Tweety Show (SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON KIDS WB) and Doug (The Disney version sucked) but I also really liked the skits in the block like:
Manny The Uncanny
Great Minds Think
How Things Werk
Mrs.Munger's Class
but my favorite was Schoolhouse Rock! which had the best songs in the freakin world! Anyways. I stopped watching ABC after 1999 when Pokemon came in and talking about that......
2.Kids WB! (The WB-CW)

I first watched this block when it started in 1995.
The block was kinda boring back then the only show I would watch was Animanics (Which I first saw on Fox Kids). For you who want a WB Network there was one back then. But Kids WB GOT NOT GOOD BUT FANTASTIC when they came out with the anime Pokemon. At school I was talking to my friends about all the monsters and dragons and how I had the games and crap. Kids WB became the only block I watched ABC got boring (they got rid of the shorts in 2000) and Fox Kids just sucked. Even when I was in high school I still WATCHED Pokemon everytime and boy did it get better. By the time Advanced Battle was over I could not wait for the next season to come. That's when things got bad. The WB and UPN said that they would shut down both networks and merge to create The CW. I checked to see if Kids WB would be going away. There was no answer. After the final WB marathon (I cried because I thought that Kids WB would be removed) I checked the next Saturday to see if it was on and wanna guess what I saw?

Everything was still there. But one thing. POKEMON WAS MISSING! I searched up Pokemon Anime and this thing came up:
Who the heck moved the show to Cartoon Network. Now. The show aired in reruns on the network for the past few years but new network? This was the show that made Kids WB better! I calmed down tho. I hated to see the show move and get a awful new voice cast as well. I knew the block was gonna be thrown into Toonami (a block I watched) so I got over it. Despite this I continued to watch Kids WB until 2008 when they replaced it with TheCW4Kids (FoxBox over again) so I didn't even care. The block had a good run tho. After the DP arc was over I quit watching Pokemon because the Black and White games just sucked.
4. Conclusion
After the WB/UPN merge I pretty much think Morning Cartoons are dead. Soon I will be doing a review on the BAD Blocks. Bye.
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