Customs and styles you might remember
May 19, 2008
Everybody probably remembers some crazy vehicles when they were young. Paint jobs, shapes and other styles were the rage back in the 70's and early 80's. You might remember being in the car or at some location when you were young and a huge hotdog car might have caught your eye. I could only mean the Oscar Myer Weinermobile. And the neat thing is you can still see the weinermobile today.

And unless you were living under a rock you were into or knew someone who was into rollerskating. It was the in thing to do back then so it's no surprise that you might see a roller skate car going down the road, most likely advertising the local rollerskating rink.

Extreme custom style vehicles was something Ed Roth was known for. Most people who were into cars back then had either seen one of his creations in a magazine, car show or was lucky enough to see one going down the road. Either way he had some outstanding next level designs. Local car shows display his vehicles to this day. Sadly he died April 4 2001 he was 69. He will be missed.

Vans were no different, during the gas crisis people moved from gas hungry muscle cars to customizing vans. From bubble windows to side pipes custom vans began to pop up everywhere. Some were so customized you couldn't tell what the make and model was. Even the murals covering them were stylish to very elaborate. This craze ended almost as fast as it started, and you can still see some of them moving down the road from time to time.

Even dodge had a pickup in 79 dubbed the little red express. I remember seeing one of these while I was riding with my dad somewhere, and I said hey dad look! that pickup has pipes like a big big truck, meaning an 18 wheeler. I still to this day think it's cool how the pipes go up like that.

There were a few movies back then that had some crazy custom cars as well. And the one that sticks in my head the most is the car from the movie corvette summer. this thing had a flamboyant custom job to say the least.

Nowadays you see some of the old styles like pinstriping and metal flake paint jobs making a huge comeback. Even some of the mural paint jobs on some of the vehicles today are really nice. Be it a advertising, movie or private vehicle it just seems that the custom jobs of the 70's and early 80's hold the best memories for me.
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