May 04, 2009
Back when I was younger I played a variety of role playing games. And it didn't take long before I ran into a kick ass game by the name of RIFTS.

This game had it all, lots of character classes, tons of magic and weapons to choose from. You could even incorporate other role playing games into the story. The setting of Rifts has many ranges from dark and serious to odd and funny. this is possible due to rifts allowing characters to travel through time or cross over to parallel universes.

So I would take up my trusty dice.
And if you were like me you had a
custom set of dice, there was so
many to choose from. And I would
create my character.

There were many character classes to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites.

Due to all the cybernetic and bionic technology you can have anything from wolverine like claws implanted, to bionic legs for faster speed. Or maybe you prefer the full conversion borg pictured above. These guys are a must in a group of heroes. They were impervious to weather conditions and could take larger amounts of damage. They could carry large heavy weapons due to their strength.

Juicers are hard core for the live fast and die young lifestyle.They have a harness on their body that distributes drugs through out the body. This gives them exceptional speed, strength and reflexes. The only drawback to a juicer is there not really meant to be a long living character because the drugs in the suit will eventually burn the body out. Of course you can take the juicer harness off and roll for a new class before it kills you, but where is the fun in that?

If I felt the need to use a little magic, Ley Line walkers were the best choice in my book. Their magic was strong, and the closer to a Ley Line they were the more potent their magic was. You team this guy up with a techno wizard (they could combine magic and technology) and you got yourself a couple of hard hitters.

Your average techno wizard

And if you were lucky you could be the owner of the best power armor out there. I of corse mean the Glitter Boy Armor

If any of your characters had the ability to operate and own one of these, you were a almost unstoppable engine of destruction. Besides the shiny armor, you had the mighty Rail Gun aka the BOOM GUN at your disposal. This weapon would lay waste to many a foe.

A couple of honorable mentions.

The Psi Stalker

The Cyber Knight

After a team was assembled we would usually take on the coalition which controlled much of what was left of North America. They had some of the coolest weapons and vehicles. But it was so much fun to take them down, even though it seemed there was no end to them.

typical SAMAS armor

Skelebots were always fun to blowup

And if this thing didn't bring fear to your eyes. Maybe a few spider walkers would bug you out.

And speaking of bugs. if you were brave enough you could always go to where Canada one was and take on the Xzictic, a race of intelligent bug creatures.

And there were also source books dedicated to certain adventures.

So if you felt the need you could hop the border into Mexico and kill a few vampires. Or maybe you felt tough enough to battle the mechanoids. So weather its vampires or giant bugs you want to kill, hell you could bring a few dwarfs and elfs from the D & D universe. The stage could be set for hours of endless adventure possibilities to what in my opinion is one of the if not the best role playing games out there.

Thanks for reading see ya next time.
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