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Horsepower for quarters
April 10, 2009
Back when I was younger the arcade was one of the things I looked forward to. Besides the many beat-em ups, and gun games I played, I always looked for a good driving game.

There were a lot of good ones out there to choose from and most people had there favorites that they played when ever the could find one. I was no different and one such game I really got a kick out of was A.P.B or All Points Bulletin.

This game came out in 1987 by Atari Games. You take the role of a rookie officer by the name of bob. His patrol car is #54 "Hmm I wonder if they were hinting at a old tv show here?" Anyway you drive around and pull people over for infractions and try to meet the quota for the day. After a bit you get to chase down a.p.b. fugitive and when you catch them you have to make them confess. You hit the buttons a whole bunch of times to fill the confess meter, and this must be done before the chief gets to the room. It was a fun game to play, and the lights on top flashing when you used your siren was cool too. It was mostly a stand up driving game but sometimes you would find the sitting one.

Another one by Atari was a game called RoadBlasters.

In this game you drive around shooting baddies and such all the while collecting fuel to make it to the checkpoint. Here and there a airship will drop a weapon, nitro boost or shields to help along the way. The night time levels were my favorite.
One of the first ones I ever played and still love today is a Bally Midway classic called Spy Hunter.

This bad ass game came out in 83 and is still popular today. It had cool music playing while you drive at low or high gear killing bad bad guys and avoiding civilians. The steering wheel was unique in its design and where a horn would be was a button to call the weapon truck to get a weapon upgrade to make the carnage all the more sweet. Making it to where the car turned to a boat was always an accomplished feeling to me. Plus having missiles to blow up that dam helicopter was always nice too

In 94 Cruis'n USA was released by Midway, this was a fun game where you could go head to head with someone racing to be the first to the finishing line.

Some of the cool aspects of the game was while you were driving or even at the start of the race was where you pump the accelerator 3 times you got a speed boost. your car would shoot flames and do a wheelie. Another thing was if you held in a button while choosing your car you would get 4 different cars to choose from. There were other cruis'n games but this was my favorite.

There were a lot of other really good ones out there, but these are the ones I liked spending my hard earned quarters on hope you like the read.
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