All Dogs Go to Heaven
Release: November 17, 1989

All Dogs Go To Heaven is the classic Don Bluth film that is still widely popular almost 20 years after it 1989 release. The year:1939. The place:New Orleans. A casino owning dog named Charlie is murdered by his rival Carface and finds himself in Heaven by default since all dogs go to Heaven. (hence the movie's name) However, since he wants to get back at his killer, he cons his way back to the living with the warning that doing so damns him to Hell forever. Once back, he teams up with his old partner, Itchy, to prepare his retaliation. He also stumbles onto an orphan girl named Anne-Marie who can talk to animals, thus allowing him to get inside info on the races to ensure he wins. However, all the while, he is still haunted by nightmares on what's waiting for him on the other side unless he can prove that he is worthy of Heaven again.

Gambing Dog: "Charlie… Ain’t you supposed to be on death row?"
Charlie Barken: "No! I ain't supposed to be on death row."
Itchy Itchiford: "Hey. I got him out!"
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Itchy Itchiford: "Yah! Someone's got me by the tail!"
Charlie: "I got you by the tail!"
Itchy Itchiford: "Why don't you tell somebody you're gonna do that?"
Charlie: "You know, it's not worth it being with you. It's not."
Itchy Itchiford: "Your hands are cold, too."
Itchy Itchiford: "In him there's the luck of the Irish."
Charlie: "The pride of the German."
Itchy Itchiford: "Even, he-he, a bit of Siam."
Charlie: "Siam? There's the calm of the English."
Itchy Itchiford: "The charm of the Spanish."
Charlie: "A pedigree certainly ain't what I am. So call me a mixed-up pup."
Itchy Itchiford: "You're a mixed-up pup."
Charlie: "But the only way this pup knows is up!"
Charlie: "Hey, wait. That looks like a water main."
Itchy Itchiford: "Naw, water mains are green. This is red!"
Charlie: "Itchy, you're color blind. You've always been color blind."
Itchy Itchiford: "That's true, but this is green."
Charlie: "Its red."
Itchy Itchiford: "Red?"
Charlie: "That Carface Has Something Up His Sleeve."
Itchy Itchiford: "Yeah, A Gun!"
Charlie: "And When I Find Out What It Is, I'm Going To Ruin Him."
Charlie: "That Carface Has Something Up His Sleeve."
Itchy Itchiford: "Yeah, A Gun!"
Charlie: "And When I Find Out What It Is, I'm Going To Ruin Him."
Charlie Barken: "That Carface has something up his sleeve."
Itchy Itchiford: "Yeah. A Gun!"
Charlie: "And when I find out what it is… I'm going to ruin him."
Itchy: "Listen! Try that again, you...and you are glue."
Whippet Angel: "CHARLIE!!!"
anne-marie: "Dear God, Thankyou so much for my new best friend Charlie and thankyou for sending him to rescue me, and God bless Mr. Ichy ,And God bless Charlie, Amen, oh..and please help me find a mommy and daddy. -anne-marie"
king gator: "we are birds of a fether looking for the right key let's make music togther baby cause only music makes a man free!!! -king gator"
Whippet Angel: " can never come can never come back... -Whippet Angel"
King Gator: "You take the do, I'll take the re, you'd better hang on to me! -King Gator"
Anne-Marie: "Let's pretend that you're far away, let's say you write to me, and you promise in your letter that you'll come home, home to my heart. -Anne-Marie"
Anne-Marie: "You can do it, Chawhee! It's your birthday!"
Itchy Itchiford: "I don't care if it's his bar, Mitzvah. That horse is a gluepot!"
Charlie: "Walk softly, kid...walk softly! -Charlie"
Charlie Barken: "It's only a pizza, fellas. You wanna try sharing?"
King Gator: "You look like a tasty New Orleans canine gumbo! -King Gator"
Charlie Barken: "Squeaker?"
Anne-Marie: "Yes, Charlie?"
Charlie: "We're gonna die."
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