You Were a Child From 1987 to 1992 If...(Part 2)

1.You remember Hollywood's infatuation with playthings.
December 08, 2012
Welcome back, Retrojunkers!

Here is part two of my two-part series.

You were a child from 1987 to 1992 if...

-You remember all of these sweatshirts and designer pants shown below.

Not pictured here are Acid Washed Used Jeans and anything Major Damage. That is for
obvious reasons.

-You recall rummaging though all of those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles variants (Wacky Action, Sewer Sports All-Stars, Turtle Games and etc.) just to find the basic figures that were not Genghis Frog or General Traag again. It was easy to do this by looking at the upper left-hand corner of the TMNT card backers. Walkabout the Kangaroo was extremely hard to find from late 1991 into 1992. You still have vague memories about how parents would leave toys like Krang's Android Body (the better one, in my opinion) in the action figure aisle of any department store. Back then, vehicles and large toys were tucked away underneath all of the action figures. If you could not find them there then they were in another aisle.

Toys dressed like the people who liked them.

-You watched a little bit of Wake, Rattle and Roll before you went to school.

Show of the brand new VHS rental era.

- You compared JELL-O Pudding Pops to those Cha-Cha-Cha Chip an' Dale Rescue Rangerrrrsss Fudge Bars in the summer of 1991 or '92.

Oddly enough, the best time to eat these was during... you guessed it.

-You had constant thoughts about Pee Wee, Ernest, Vern and Ed Grimley during the day. You wondered what it would be like if they went at it with each other (in WWF style).

- You watched Out of This World, with Evie the teenage alien, any time you could catch it. You remember the long transition from watching it when it was new all the way until it was last shown in reruns (late in 1992).

Aliens were not extraterrestrials at all during the 1980s and very early 1990s.
- You know that Rambo, Robocop, Larvell Jones, Beetlejuice, Bill S. Preston Esq., Kid n Play, The Killer Tomatoes, Swamp Thing, Toxie (The Toxic Avenger), Audrey 2 (the plant), the Tim Burton Batman, and Conan the Barbarian all have, at least, one thing in common.

Now where is my Predator cartoon?

-If you were a guy, then you had an extreme crush on DJ Tanner from late in 1990 into 1991. You might have been upset when Paula Abdul was married to Emilio Estevez in '92.

Who cared about clubbing? My Friday nights are made. Oh, Quantum Leap is on, followed by Night Court. Whaat?

-You are familiar with all things Rude Dog. You even remember his enemies, "Bad Dog" and the "Big Dogs".

-You know someone close to you who saw T2 (Terminator 2) over two times in the Theater.

-There were only three Nicktoons in the H.W. Bush era. You knew the names to all of them before 1992 was over. How could you not? They were pretty simple to remember.

-You watched the original Saved by the Bell on Saturday mornings. You witnessed the impending doom of NBC Saturday morning cartoons as SBTB became more popular with each passing fall season. That popularity led to "TNBC", though it was not called that in late '92. NBC warned you with the Saturday Mornings preview program, "Who Shrunk Saturday Mornings", back in September of 1989.

-Furthermore, you realized that Hollywood had an infatuation with playthings from '87 to '92. Dolls, any Child's Play flick, Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, and Dolly Dearest should all come to mind about now.

Lastly, after all of this, you know one thing...

-Lunchables and Cartoon Network were initially launched for adults.

So, on that note, I hope you all enjoyed this article. I bid you all a good day.
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