Easter Past

Easter is near, so I'll share some Easter Memories...
April 09, 2012

As another Easter has come, I have an Easter (As a matter of fact, 3 Easters) that would be VERY memorable to me, these Easters are 1987, 1989, and 1991. Now why are these three memorable?...Because those Easters are on videotape and I've combined all 3 Easters on one tape that I still watch to this day. My dad rented a videocamera for 48 hours (he had 50% and my grandfather had the other 50%, there was even a comment on it).

Easter 1987

The 1st Easter that I'm going to talk about in what I'd like to call "The Easter Video Trilogy" is Easter of 1987. This was the 1st Easter that we taped and it had basketballs, bike fights, jumping on beds, plastic fishing rods, and it was my sister's 1st Easter (I feel she's the favorite one in my family). I still have most of it, though when I was a kid I taped-over some parts of it. (Makes me think of the article on here "You Taped Over What")?
The first night featured me as a lad of 4, my brother was 3, and my sister was a newborn. We played around in the Living Room, I wandered-off a lot and played those giant Legos, jumped on my parents bed, listened to a story record of "Snow White", and my mom was dodging the videocamera.
Then came...Easter Sunday! We were all half-awake when we were getting our eggs from The Easter Bunny and also being on tape. And since candy got me all riled-up, we got Mickey Mouse Fishing Rods, and soon we would get dressed-up in our Easter Best and go to Church (There's no vid for that since it was a Traditional Service, but it would've been cool).

We would later come home and play outside in our suits...and then we would bring-out our tricycles and my brother threw a fit because he took my trike, so...I took his and all he did was cry about it. After that Drama...we went to see my dad's parents (My grandparents). It was real exciting, we played with our fishing rods, played basketball with my uncle, and watched "Clue" starring Tim Curry, Martin Mull, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Llyod.

Now my mom's parents...(My OTHER Grandparents)...it wasn't that exciting, despite playing on the piano, a silver server, being fond with some of grandma's bric-a-bracs...that house was like a museum, and tripping on the concrete since we were wearing street shoes. I only have some memories in my mind with that one since that tape got destroyed by Pepsi.

Easter 1989

The 2nd Easter of "The Easter Video Trilogy" was recorded was 1989. It was practically the same as 1987, but I just got all the action on the camera...as a matter of fact...I even used the videocamera. We still played outside, but we would also wash the Family Car which was a 1977 Mercury Cougar (I'm guessing the year, but it was a Sedan...and one day, that'll be in my car collection) But then we would play football! (I didn't play football, I was more the wallflower) But my brother and our neighbors would be involved with the game as my dad was the cameraman.
After that...we'd see our grandparents again and we would go outside...until my cousin and brother were throwing rocks. We weren't totally sent back in, because when we went to our other grandparents, we would play outside again...and more quietly!

Easter 1991

The 3rd and Final Easter in "The Easter Video Trilogy" would be in 1991. This time it was taped in the afternoon, and this time my dad was in the film for more than a minute, so my mom got to use the videocamera, and my brother brought some sarcasm in there. At this point, I knew all the 50 states in The United States and all the presidents up to George Bush Sr. at the time (I still can't believe that I said he was my favorite president...now it's Abraham Lincoln because he was criticized a lot, but he overachieved many things, like the Electorial debated between him and Jefferson Davis)!

I also knew The Diet Pepsi theme played by Ray Charles and I tried to reenact the whole thing. But it would be my sister who would steal the show that night by being the ballerina and we did a humorous version of a ballet, but I doubt she'll ever want to be a ballerina again.
It was also the Easter that The U.S. was in Iraq and when we went to see our grandparents, we would show our patriotic colors with The Flag of Old Glory flashing around...yet my brother HAD to fool-around with the flag (How Radical)! But he would try to reenact the 1st Gulf War by making Saddam Hussein a quack...and yes...there was also a comment about Whitney Houston....

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

After that...we would see our other grandparents, but this time...it would be at my uncle's house! And oddly enough, he had the toys in another room (I felt like that "South Park" episode where Stan is stuck in the basement with Pip, Dougie, and Butters as the adults do their own thing). And to end it all, we would be put to bed and say "The Lord's Prayer". This would conclude "The Easter Video Trilogy" and I've got to bring this out, and all I can say is...

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