Perfect Day Part 2

The second part of my perfect day of my 8 yr old self in 1989
April 17, 2009
Hey all Its BritKid here again with part two of My Perfect Day.
For those of you who have not read part one yet I would advise you to do so just so that you can get into the flow of the article. I hope you all enjoy part 2 and look forward to your comments.

Lunch would consist of some classic 80s food and drink.
Meat Paste or Salmon paste spread sandwiches were always a favourite when I was a youngster. It did not look or smell to good and if your mum got the cheap stuff it did resemble cat food a little but it tasted so good.

This would be accompanied with some cheese and pineapple on a stick. I know this is more of a kids birthday party food but hey it is my perfect day. I loved this combo so much, the sweet taste of the pineapple with the little block of cheddar cheese, was always a pleasure.

This simple but immensely pleasurable meal would then be washed down with a retro icon.
A big glass of slightly warm Rola Cola.

Now this was the very cheap version on Coca Cola but all the shops around my way sold it. It was probably 10 pence for a small bottle and even though cheap tasted good but in a strange way! If you get what I mean. It was a drink that no one admitted to liking because it was so cheap and nasty but really everyone did.
What ever friends house you went to back then, there was always a stash of Rola Cola in the cupboard. Coca Cola actually sued the Rola Cola Company in the UK but lost and are now suing them in the US as well.
After refuelling on paste sandwiches and Rola Cola I was ready to go again and enjoy the rest of the day.

Now on my estate there was always plenty of kids around to hang out with so you could always leave your house, meet up with a group, and in no time at all be getting up to some sort of mischief.

Because it was a new estate half of it constantly looked like a building site as they built more and more of the estate onto the next fields. This for a kid was a huge playground. With mounds of mud as tall as houses that had been dug up. We would play a storm the castle type of game. One team would stand at the bottom of the mound and another team would stand at the top. The team at the bottom would then have to try and get to the top of the mound and take the golden staff, a.k.a. a branch from a tree, while at the same time being pelted with stones, rocks, mud, dirt, twigs, old builders helmets that had been left up there and just about anything else we could get our hands on in a building site.

I realise in todays cotton wool world we live in, a game which consists of children throwing rocks at each other would indeed be a no no! Yes it was dangerous but hey thats what being a kid was about , you never think that it was a bad idea until you look back.
To be fair as well, only two kids ever lost an eye during all the games we ever had of this, so thats not a bad ratio! That is a joke by the way. It was one kid!
This game of pain would usually last a few hours by this point everyone would be sore completely covered in dirt and pretty tired.

We would then leave the battlefield and just chill for a while. Talking about the newest spectrum games, the cartoons we had seen in the morning or how we all hoped that the one kid who had got the twig stuck in his eye, during storm the castle, was going to be ok!
At some point of these conversations it would always turn to football (soccer). How our teams were doing in division one (now the premier league), arguments about who was the best player and how England would definitely win the next world cup! 20 years on were still waiting!

All this talk would lead to of course one of us running home and getting a football. I cant think of any time during my younger years that at some point in the day I was not kicking a football around.
There would always been older lads playing as well who would get angry if a youngster like myself would tackle them or score past them. This would usually result in getting booted up in the air by said older boy the next time you got the ball. I loved these rough and tumble free for all games as it really did help your skills come on, as you had to keep dodging the kicks at you, and it also toughened you up as well. Because of playing for literally non stop for hours at a time it did wonders for your fitness. I still think to this day my natural fitness iv still got, even though I dont do almost any sports at all now, came from the many hours of playing these games.

It would be getting to mid afternoon now and everyone would start to slowly make there way home for a relax with childrens BBC, while waiting for dinner. Childrens BBC was a afternoon programme of kids shows that would last from about 3 pm until 6 pm. Andy Crane and Ed the Duck would present the afternoon of programs live from the broom cupboard. It was all a bit crazy and the tiny studio was always messy adding to the punk feel of the show.

Programs include grange hill. A high school drama series set in a inner-city London School. It dealt with some strong issues for the time including drugs and teenage pregnancy.

Some North American classics including The mysterious cities of gold, The Racoons etc.
Simon and the witch was programme about Simon a very sensible school boy whos best friend is a real life witch, shes a real show off and always getting Simon into some sort of silly adventure.

Blue Peter a very long running and classic kids programme with far ranging content. Most programmes were broadcast Live from the blue peter studios but usually included at least one filmed report. It was first aired in 1958 and is still going today. This is a show that our parents all watched, we watched and im sure our children will be watching way into the future when there presenting it from Mars!

Plus many more classics that you would all recognise today.

Blue Peter would always be the last programme on childrens BBC before it changed to normal content again with Neighbours. The still running Australian soap about Ramsey street, a small street in Melbourne Australia and the lives of the people that live in said street. Classic.
It was now dinner time, but that will have to wait until part 3.
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