Perfect Day Part 3

The Final Chapter
May 06, 2009
Hey all Brit Kid here again with the third and final part of my perfect day. I hope you have all enjoyed this little nostalgic time trip back to my childhood.

It was now coming up to dinner time.
I had just finished watching Childrens BBC when there was a knock at the door. I answered the door as mum was in the kitchen preparing the nights feast, it was Gaz my best mate, who lived in another part of town.

He was on my street with his dad Baz, who was an RSPCA officer, coming to a call about a injured bird that had flew into someones garage. While his dad was seeing to said bird, Gaz had decided to pop round to see me. Running into the house, straight into the kitchen, I started blagging my mum if Gaz could join us for dinner. It was always great when you were little, when a friend would turn up unexpectedly, and an impromptu play session would arise.
So mum being mum, gave in to my asking, and threw on a couple more fish fingers and plenty more chips.

After dinner it would be time for more fun.
As I said in my last article there was always kids around the estate, so fun was never far from hand.
We went onto the little patch of grass, that doubled as the communal green, for my street and joined in a Royal Rumble!These little wrestlefests would always be happening around this time, as WWF was just becoming big in the UK, as it was being shown on SKY satellite TV for the first time.

This was the time, for me anyway, when WWF was at its finest! The late 80s to early ninetys was the dogs balls for wrestling!
We would all pick our favourite wrestlers, I would usually be Brett Hart or my all time other favourite Koko B Ware.

The royal Rumble would consist on about anything ranging from 5 kids to 15, all wrestling on a tiny patch of grass, trying to throw each other out of this green squared circle. It would always be good if you had your mates with you because you could double team the other kids! Gaz was bigger and stronger than me so he could pick me up and throw me through the air for high flying moves! The enforcer and the skinny high flyer, we were a good team!
Tired and grass stained the rumble was over, won by the crazy, much bigger, older lad that no one really new, who just scared all the other smaller kids out of the ring, with his manic screeching and wind milling of his arms! We headed back to the house for a drink.

While refreshing ourselves with some slightly warm cans of Rola Cola, we managed to blag my mum into letting Gaz stay over for the night.
The fun would continue until the wee hours of the morning!
We headed to the corner shop, up the road, to stock up on goodies to keep us going through the night. A few quid could get you a lot of sweets and chocolate in those days.
The bag would be overflowing with penny sweets, chocolate mice, licorice strings, Love hearts.
The classic staple of 10 pence bars including Curly Wurlys, refreshers, Chomps, and many more sugary and chocolate goodies.

Back at the house with the sweets all thrown over my bedroom floor we would break out the toys.
My group of M.U.S.C.L.E. wrestlers would have joined up with GI Joe to attack Snake Mountain Castle, that we had placed on top of my bunk bed, a.k.a. the mountain.

Skeletor and the hoards of other Masters of the Universe bad guys would be on top of the bunk bed defending the castle with all there might.

Just as the Pinkie Wrestlers and the Joes were gaining the upper hand Gaz broke out the secret weapon, from behind the pillow case emerged My Pet Monster!

He was way to big for the Muscles even if there were millions of them!
The storys we used to create during those toy playing sessions as kids, all kids the world over, were epic, we were the greatest story tellers and script writers our bedrooms had ever seen.
Just as the last of the M.U.S.C.L.E.s were being swotted away like flys by the giant My pet Monster and even greater advisory came in, mum at the door, telling us to quite down and come get supper before settling down for bedtime.

I don't know about anyone else, but I always had a bowl of cereal before bed, when I was younger.
I would Start the day with a bowl of Coco Pops and finish with a nice big bowl of shreddies or wheetabix. That cereal before bed was the signal to the end of the day. It was relaxing time.

We got the made up bed ready on the floor for Gaz and I jumped up onto my bunk bed.
We thought we would stick on a video to help us go to sleep. There was only one choice The Monster Squad.

A absolute classic and still one of my favorite films to this day. The characters of the gang were so likable and funny, the Monsters were scary and costumes were great, the story was spot on and of course that classic line...
"Wolfmans got nards!"

We laughed at this until we fell to sleep ready for tomorrow and another perfect day.

Looking back now it really does seem that everyday when we were younger was perfect in its own little way.

I think as adults we have forgot how to enjoy the little things. A bowl of your favorite cereal, the sun waking you up in the morning, your favorite toy, your best mate randomly turning up at your house.
If we could all live, just for one day a week like we did when we were kids, in our adult lives and try to regain some of that magic and wonder, to view everyday as a blessing and as a new adventure, I think we would all be very much happier and the world a better place.

Thanks Retro Junk for helping us remember.
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