I Want My MTV!

A list of MTV music videos that take me back.
October 05, 2011

In my 26 years of life I have amassed a countless many happy memories, but some of the best and most cherished of which were during my early years growing up in the late 80's/early 90's. The toys, the movies and cartoons - Nintendo - commercials and products! It was a veritable golden age for youth, and those who grew up in that era either knew it then or know it now. It was also an age dominated by MTV.. ah, to the point.

This is a list of music videos from my youth that had an affect on ME in one way or... ahem.. another. Some of these videos were well before my time, but, that doesn't matter as they were being aired when I was watching music television. They are not listed in any relevant order, just in an order that I remember them best. Keep in mind these are just music videos that I remember, not songs I necessarily have in my music library.

So, let's get to it!

1)The first video on my list was the first video I ever remember making me feel the NEED to play air guitar.. and that video is....

...you guessed it, Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. This video blew my prepubescent mind. In retrospect the cgi and special effects are laughable (that's a given), but at the time, I was amazed. The intro.. I hardly know where to begin. It demanded your attention and slowly built you up to boiling point and then blew the lid off with an explosive guitar riff. This song and video made me want to be a rock star, as I'm sure it did a lot of kids. Money for nothing and the chicks for free.. who doesn't want those things?!

2)The Beach Boys said it, but David Lee Roth slammed it home with visuals the Beach Boys never even dreamed about.. and with voluptuous style!

Roth's California Girls video was probably one of the most fun and entertaining videos I remember watching. Roth was very much an animated character, prancing around the screen flashing gloved jazz-hands with an exaggerated facial expression every 1.5 seconds. And let's not forget those bodacious babes! I remember pretending not to watch too hard when my dad was around; I felt as if I was seeing something I wasn't supposed to when those scantily clad women popped onto the screen.

3)With Roth in mind, I feel it necessary to mention Van Halen's Hot for Teacher.

This video had pretty much the same affect on me as California Girls, but I couldn't NOT mention it.

4)Now this next video threw my young developing mind for a loop.

(Broken YouTube Link Removed)

The Grateful Dead's Touch of Grey video was, in my opinion, creepy as hell. It was an upbeat song with a positive tone, yet it depicted skeletons playing instruments. Ever since Nightmare on Elm Street 3 (best one as far as I'm concerned), the scene in the junkyard with skeleton Freddy, I've been totally freaked out by skeletons. Watching this video was like watching a really scary episode of Unsolved Mysteries.. I would be mesmerized and totally immersed, but if there was a sudden noise (which my dad was always more than willing to supply) I would jump 8 feet in the air.

5)This video is indeed a chick song, but it has it's place.

I never really cared much about the song itself, but watching Martika sing Toy Soldiers stirred up some funny feelings that I had become quite fond of. I remember telling my mom that this video was my favorite once when she was about to change the channel and she laughed at me.. I think she knew I just wanted to stare at the girl on the screen.

6)Now I had no idea what the J. Geils band was talking about in this video, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Centerfold was another one of those videos full of girls, but they were girls in a classroom wearing bras and slips which turned into schoolgirl outfits which somehow turned into lacy night gowns. I remember thinking, is that what big kid school is like?

7)Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love was yet another video featuring curvaceous women.

If there is anything to say about this video, it's see-through spandex.. that is all this video is or ever was, nothing more. Simply Irresistible was the same way.

8)Thriller... Need I say more?

Despite the fact that Michael Jackson kinda looked like Master Splinter when he transformed into the werewolf creature, this video scared the holy living piss out of me! I remember watching it and having nightmares that night. After that, I didn't much care for Michael Jackson anymore.

9)This video was one I remember seeing a lot, but I never really liked.. at the time.

I remember it was the video I hated when it came on. I didn't like the way Annie Lennox looked. She looked like a weird dude with orange hair. That was then. I've since learned to like the song, and once I got past the hair, I realized she wasn't a bad looking woman.

10)The last video on my list absolutely has to be Heart of Glass by Blondie.

Ahh, *dreamy sigh*... Debbie Harry. The first woman I ever fell in love with.. because of this video! I remember playing on the living room floor one hot Texas night in front of the tv, clad in only superman undies and curly blond hair, watching music videos with my dad when that unmistakable intro filled the room; However, it wasn't the intro that stirred my interest. I remember seeing her for the first time and, as if hypnotized, I stood up to give the television my undivided attention. The combination of that jaw dropping face (as that was my exact reaction to it), the guitar riff and her beautiful cooing melted my brain and roused some interesting, yet unfamiliar feelings. To this day I get that same funny feeling when I see that video or hear that song. I love you Debbie Harry!!

There are much, much more videos could mention, but I feel this list is lengthy enough. I might write a sequel if I find the time later on down the road. I hope you enjoyed this Article. Thanks for reading!
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