The Early MTV Years

Remember when MTV used to be cool from 1981-1985?
December 22, 2006

What the hell happened to MTV in the past 20 years. There was still music on the channel from Richard Marx and Poison to Nirvana and Snopp Dogg but then came the Real World and Laguna Beach. That's when MTV went from Music Television to Messed Up Television. But I'm not here to talk about why the channel became CTV (Crappy Television),I'm here to talk about the early days of MTV from 1981-1985. I remember alot of things happened in the first 3 years (I was born in October 3,1982). There was alot of classic MTV promos from the classic animated Service Station segment to the now famous "I Want My MTV" ad,contests(One Night Stand w/ Men At Work,Private Affair w/ The Cars),concerts (Live Aid,Journey Live At Houston),shows (Liner Notes,Video Music Awards,the VJs (Mark Goodman,Alan Hunter,Nina Blackwood,Martha Quinn,and the late JJ Jackson) and of course,music videos.

One of the coolest VJs of all time,the late JJ Jackson.

This MTV logo was busting the wall back & forth and now,he needs to stop playing today's crap.

We all know the success of Duran Duran,Def Leppard and Madonna but what about all the forgotten artists like Duke Jupiter,The Shoes,Bootcamp,The Silencers,Rupert Hine,Will Powers and Musical Youth. They may have one hit or they never had a big career like their peers but they deserve some credit though.
Prince is the first black artist on MTV. But he can still kick Michael Jackson's ass.

One of the first New Wave bands on MTV,The White Suits.I mean the Talking Heads

You wonder why Nick Rhodes' ears are hurting,because he heard "SexyBack" a bunch of times.

Ever since the original VJs went on different things,MTV went down the hill. Maybe not,but for anyone who can remember The Police screaming "I Want My MTV",Cyndi Lauper singing in tears on "Time After Time" or when JJ Jackson interviewing Grace Slick,that was the end of the early days. Now,it's all about Rap,Teen Pop,Emo,My Super Sweet 16 and The Hills. I want MTV to go back to the very beginning when they played nothing but videos and promos.
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