Disney's One Saturday Morning (OSM)
Debut: December 15, 1997
Ended: December 15, 2002

Disney's One Saturday Morning featured a wide variety of animated shows including Doug, Recess, Pepper Ann, The Weekenders, 101 Dalmatians, Hercules, Mickey Mouse Works, and such shorts and skits like Mrs. Munger's Class, Manny The Uncanny, Great Minds Think For Themselves, Flyndiggery Do!, The Monkey Boys, How Things Werk, Tube Dwellers, Flipbook, and more. The hosts were Charlie, Meme, and Jelly Roll, a talking elephant.

Grace: "Cut it out!"
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George & George: "We're not twins!"
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Mahoot: "What?"
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Mrs. Munger: "Simmer down, class! Simmer! Simmer!"
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Timon and Pumbaa: "And now...Find Out Why! -Timon and Pumbaa"
Mr. Werks: "Another Triumph Of Industry! -Mr. Werks"
Jelly Roll: "Honk if you love Saturdays! -Jelly Roll"
Travis: ""The coolest place you can go without a ride from your parents!""
Meme: ""It's the coolest address on Television!""
Mrs. Munger: "Okay class, simmer, simmer! -Mrs. Munger"
Mrs. Munger's Class: "Simmer Gordon! -Mrs. Munger's Class"
Manny the Uncanny: "Hey, what's shakin' up with you? -Manny the Uncanny"
Announcer: "Illuminating Television! -Announcer"
Artie: "I'm handsome. Yay! -Artie"
Grace: "Cut it out! -Grace"
Cissy: "Mrs. Munger? Phoebe said stretchpants! -Cissy"
George: "We're not twins! -George"
Phoebe: "Stretchpants! -Phoebe"
Mrs. Munger to Theodore: "Mrs. Munger: Now, why don't you, Artie, Rock, Yvonne, Amanda, and Mahoot decorate the room. Theodore, what are you going to be? Theodore: Uhm, I want to be a scary, hap, uhm, I mean, uhm, vampi-, uhm, Frankenst-, Ma, uhm, du, uhm, gum. -Mrs. Munger to Theodore"
Genie: "It's time for Great Minds Think For Themselves! -Genie"
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