Eureeka's Castle
Debut: August 27, 1989
Ended: November 10, 1991
Debut: August 27, 1989
Ended: November 10, 1991

Eureeka's Castle was a Nick Jr puppet show that took place in a castle music box that was wound up by a friendly giant. Eureeka was a young wizard who was a little clumsy with her wand. Magellan the dragon and his pet Cooey lived there along with Magellan's mischeivous tail that had a mind of it's own. Batly the bat had poor sight, always crashing into things and saying "I meant to do that!" and he had a pet spider named Webster that drove everyone crazy. The Moat Twins named Bog and Quagmire lived in the basement of the castle and they loved collecting things and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. There was also Mr Knack, a lovable foreign man that sold knick-knacks in a moving shopping cart-like stand. There was also a statue that had 3 singing fish. There were 3 mice that ran around the castle, one of them loved to eat, the other one was just plain adorable, and the third one was the elder. They lived in a suit of armor known as "Sir Klank". The slurms were there as well, being another one of Magellan's pets, and looked like colorful clay worms. The show premired in September 1989 and ended in June 1995 but re-runs were shown on Nick Jr up until January 29th, 1999 when it was permanetly removed from Nick Jr and was moved to Noggin and the show re-ran on Noggin up until 2000.

Batly: "I meant to do that! -Batly"
Eureeka: "Spicy, salty, sour, sweet, bring us something good to eat! -Eureeka"
Kooie: "Koo-koo-koo...koo -Kooie"
Mr.Nak: "Maybe I can trade this big piece of chocolate cake for some extra spaghetti -Mr.Nak"
The Gaint: "hmmm...this is some very interesting reading...OH LOOK my castle music box! -The Gaint"
Mouse: "FOOD?! WHERE?! -Mouse"
Magellan: "Cooie! Coo-coo-coo-cooie! -Magellan"
The moat twins (Christmas special): "Twin Boy:"But---But---But---" Twin girl: "Hehe, that's what you are!" -The moat twins (Christmas special)"
Bog and Quagmire (moat twins): "Quagmire: Ik-nik time? Bog: Not Ik-nik time, picnic time! -Bog and Quagmire (moat twins)"
Eureeka: "Comets and custard thouch the wall, winky blinky make a ball! -Eureeka"
Magellan: "Oh, I don't like monsters."
Quagmire: "Shh! Quiet green face! We wanna here more!"
Eureeka: "(Singing) So you saw a scary monster, take a breath. You really shouldn't worry your self to death."
Mr.Knack: "No need to yell "Eureek" or to scream and shout."
Eureeka: "Just take a deep breath, ahhh"
Mr.Knack: "And chill out."
Batley: "Don't worry, don't worry! The great Batley is on his way, AGH! I meant to do that!"
Mr.Knack: "(mouse slurps up spaghetti) So much for that trade... (mouse burps)"
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