Nick Studios Memories.

My trip to kid mecca.
January 14, 2009
In the summer of 94 nothing was more important to me than watching Nickelodeon. When I woke up it was Eureeka's Castle. When iI fell asleep it was I dream of Jeanie. As far as I was concerned, there were no other channels. It wasn't just this summer, I had loved nickelodeon for as long as I could remember. So when my parents told me we would be visiting Universal Studios this summer I soiled my ninja turtle undies.

Classy Ball aint it?

Now this article isn't about "the good ol days" of universal studios, because to be quite honest, I didn't really like the park too much. I mean sure it had an awesome Back to the Future ride (one of my favorite movies) But aside from that the lines were too long and there just wasn't that much stuff for kids. I wasn't there for all that jazz anyway. I was here for one place and one place only... kid heaven. Nickelodeon Studios... the place where all my favorite shows were created.

Truly a Work of Art.

My eyes swelled up with joy at the giant orange logo peeped over the walls of the park, I could hardly wait to rub elbows with Marc Summers, share stories with the cast of Hey Dude and make smores with Bobby Budnik and Donkeylips from Salute Your Shorts. I knew my chances at hanging out with my favorite nick stars was slim to none, but I thought I would at least be able to play with my parents on Family Double Dare or sit in for an episode of Clarissa Explains it all.

A Beacon of Hope.

The wait in line wasn't any shorter than Jaws or King Kong but there were a couple of things that made waiting in line easier. First off Sega Genesis were installed around the lines for kids to play. I remember the game was Asterix to be exact. I didn't get to play it thanks to greedy kids around me, but there was something I was able to enjoy... THE Slime Geyser! Seeing this geyser was like meeting a celebrity. They showed that thing at the end of every show made at Nick Studios. After a few 30 foot high green slime explosions it was time to enter the gates of kid heaven, time to meet my television friends id grown up with, it was time to...

Womp Womp Womp.

I must say I was greatly disappointed by the fact that just about every one of my favorite shows had already been cancelled. Hell we didn't even get to sit in for ANY show. The closest thing I came to seeing a show came when we walked into a studio were some kids were practicing lines for a new TV show coming out... that show would become a moderate Nick classic.

Goo Punch Anyone?

Okay, so I didn't know anything about the show and it didn't end up being one of my favorites. But I was still excited about it. Looking back now... I wouldn't have minded sitting in for one of the episodes at least. Anyhow there was one more cool thing about the tour. I actually got to touch THE Aggro Cragg.

Better Than A Gold Medal.

The funny thing is,everyone acted like it was no big deal that the freakin Aggro Cragg was right there displayed on the wall. The one and only trophy kids from all over the world fought to the death over on Global Guts was right here beside me. The tour guide didn't even mention it. He was too busy making sure all the kids got herded into another room where the next travesty occurred.

What is this crap?

Nickelodeon Game Lab it was called. It was sort of a half Double Dare half Nick Arcade knock off. I was hoping so bad that I would get chosen, I ruled at games as a kid. And to make it worse the game the kids were competing at was Sonic the Hedgehog. I played no game more in my childhood as I did Sonic the Hedgehog. But alas, I was not picked. The stupid kids that did get picked didn't even make it passed the first level. What kind of moron doesn't make it passed level one!

Appearantly too challenging for some.

And that was it. It was almost like I went to Oz and looked behind the curtain. But I cherish all my childhood memories, even the bad ones. And that's why I made this article. Not only that but im sure there are many of you that took this tour and had a blast. And im sure you got just as sad as I did when I found out the Studio was closing back in 2005.

Stripped of its charm.

For decades parents have been able to take their kids to Disney world and say "hey kids this is what I liked when I was your age." But unfortunately our generation wont be able to do that with Nickelodeon. Even thought I didn't have the best time at the Studio, I still considered that place to be a monument to my childhood. Maybe not as important as Cinderella's Castle but I sure as hell watched a lot more Nickelodeon than Disney at that age. Why did they close the studio? Well, we may never really know. But what I do know is what will be in its historic building.

Blue men beating on pipes.

I mean no disrespect to the Blue Man Group. I'm sure the show at Universal is very entertaining. But was it worth tearing a piece of my childhood away to see 3 bald men covered in blue paint beating on a bunch of pipes and throwing balls at each other? I choose an episode of My Brother and Me any day.

Thanks for reading, im new here. Hope you share a memory with me.
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