Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation
Release: March 11, 1992
Release: March 11, 1992

Your favorite students of Acme Acres are going on a Summer vacation in their feature-length direct-to-video special. As the first day of summer arrives after the last day of school at the Acres, Buster, Babs, and the rest of the gang go on their own different vacation and adventures in these slide-splitters. • Buster and Babs turn a water gun fight into a raft trip to the Deep South. • Fifi LaFume goes on a date with his favorite movie star Johnny Pew. • Shirley and Fowlmouth go to the movies • Elmyra goes on her own adventure at the zoo. • Plucky goes with Hampton and the rest of the Pig family on a road trip to Happy World Land. And as soon as they all know it, it's time for them to return for the next semester at school. There were 7 sequence directors. Written by Paul Dini, Nicholas Hollander, Tom Ruegger, and associate producer Sherri Stoner. The main show was produced by Tom Ruegger; Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg. from Amblin Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. Animation Produced in Japan at T.M.S.

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Plucky: "'Spot The Car', huh? So, you mean like 'Spot The Red Cars' or the cars with out-of-state license plates, huh?"
Hamton: "No; ANY car!"
Babs Bunny: "Happy Independence Day!"
Buster Bunny: "And as Benjamin Franklin once said, let's bolt."
Babs: "So how do we stop this flood?"
Buster: "We don't."
Babs: "So long, Acme Acres..."
Buster: "Hello, adventure!"
Plucky Duck: "I am such a weltered water fowl... Can we please stop somewhere for a drink of water?? I'm starting to sweat about as much as Uncle Stinky!"
Babs Bunny: "Something's on my foot... AAAAAHHHH!!! It's the Creepy Unknown! It's not of this earth! Buster, you've got to save my foot; it's my lucky rabbit's foot!"
Fifi: "That was MY photograph! I cannot believe you!"
Johnny Pew: "Yeah, well I AM pretty unbelievable..."
Fifi: "You are nothing but a selfish, worthless waste of skunk! You, Monsieur Pew, stink! (kicks Johnny Pew out of the theater)"
Shirley The Loon: "Gosh! The Sound System promo!"
Actress: "At this rate, we'll never make it to my scene!"
Fowlmouth: "Then the crowd should thank me, you no-talented dadgum excuse for a dadgum actress!"
Babs Bunny: "Oh, look. Here comes a tunnel..."
Buster Bunny: "Hold your breath and make a wish!"
Plucky Duck: "(after being run over) I think the left front tire is a little low..."
Elmyra: "I lose more kitties that way!"
Mr. Hitcher: "I hate duck, too! (pulls out a chainsaw and Plucky screams)"
Babs: "Possums?"
Buster: "Gators."
Babs: "Dinner theater?"
Buster: "Main course."
Babs: "Options?"
Buster: "One."
Babs: "Bolt?"
Buster: "Bingo."
Babs: "Ready."
Buster: "Go!"
Fifi LaFume: "(sighs) Le success..."
Plucky Duck: "Uh, the game's over, Uncle Stin-" (Uncle Stinky exhales really hard on Plucky) "...ky."
Mr. Hitcher: "Where's that duck?! Here, ducky, ducky, ducky...!"
Hamton and his family: "There's a car! There's a car! There's a-Oops! Truck! (laughs) -Hamton and his family"
Plucky: "I miss school. -Plucky"
Wade: "Wade: [hums the words old McDonald had a farm] ... Pop goes the weasel. -Wade"
Plucky: "Happy World Land... Happy World Land... where all your dreams come true... -Plucky"
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