We knew it as Nickelodeon

A look back at Nickelodeon
July 02, 2008
Every kid remembers their favorite TV shows; after all, channel surfing was one of the many pleasures of life as a kid. However, when I was a child there was no need to channel surf, for every show that I longed for was on one beautiful channel...that channel was NICKELODEON!

Nickelodeon featured some of the best kid programming, including: cartoons, game shows, and kid focused sitcoms. Even though I wasn't a full time subscriber, I can even remember getting an issue of Nickelodeon magazine at Pizza Hut, and I loved it.
Thinking back to the real early years, I can remember watching shows such as David the Genome, Eureeka's Castle, and You Can't do that on Television.

As the years progressed, my love for Nickelodeon bloomed that much more. Not only were the shows great, the little surprises Nickelodeon threw in there always put a smile on my face. You remember Inside Out Boy don't you?

Nickelodeon saw it fit to claim rights to all of their cartoons by labeling them as "NickToons". These cartoons were unique and always seemed, I don't know, fresh! Doug, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, etc... they were all so legendary in their own ways.

I can remember sitting around on hot summer days, and on Thanksgiving watching a talking popsicle stick spin around, to chose which NickToons we were fixing to watch. Whether you loved him or hated him, Stick Stickly had YOUR Nicktoon fate at hand, and I think he deserves recognition for all of the astronaut type training spins he did for us back in the day. Heres to you Stick...

Reality TV can be seen on pretty much every station around today. However, if you were a Nickelodeon kid, this concept is all but foreign to you. Although our game shows were more about family fun and less about cheap drama, the excitement was all there, and the slime was always fresh! Shows like Double Dare, Wild and Crazy Kids, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and What Would you Do, provided on couch edge excitement to those who only wished they could be a part.

The sitcoms and shows of Nickelodeon are truly article worthy alone. Whether you wanted comedy, drama, or horror, Nickelodeon covered it all. Countless numbers of Saturday nights were spent watching Snick, which is where many of the shows got their spotlight. Although Snick featured the goods, many shows were played on Nickelodeon at random times. I always waited for the guy with the deep voice to tell us what was coming on next, as the credits rolled for the previous show.

Nickelodeon was more than just a channel, it was a childhood must! I can't imagine my childhood without this awesome channel. Although it seems that Nickelodeon has went downhill since years past, one can only remember the monopoly it once had! It's hard to even try to do an article on Nickelodeon, for there is way too much to even cover. I know that I just discussed the tip of the iceberg, but this trip down memory lane was well worth it to me.
Thanks to everyone I borrowed pictures from, you helped make this article possible!
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