Disney's Hercules: The TV Series
Debut: August 31, 1998
Ended: March 01, 1999

Teenage Hercules trains to be a hero and battles Hades, the ruler of the Underworld while attending high school.

Hades: "They named me "Pluto"? What kind of a name is "Pluto"? I wouldn't call my dog "Pluto". -Hades"
Arachne: "Arachne: I prefer to be called a "freelance web designer." -Arachne"
Hades: "Hades: Welcome to the Afterlife, the Unhappiest Place under Earth. -Hades"
Hades: "Why. Do they do that? What is that, some kind of verbal diarrhea? -Hades"
Zeus Hades: "Oh, Hades. I was just looking for the Little Gods' Room.' 'Go in the pool.' 'Is that sanitary? -Zeus Hades"
Hades: "Oh, look, a flower. Nature's little reminder... that I LOATHE spring. -Hades"
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