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wrestling in heaven
May 15, 2009
The other day I came across an article about wrestlers who have past away. Some names on the list I had already heard about but some names shocked me. Within a couple of days I found myself think about what I had read and started reflecting on my favorite warriors of the squared circle. How much joy the brought me as a kid. So out came the old box of memories, old VHS wrestling tapes, t-shirts, magazines, cards and action figures.

The minute I started rummaging through the box it felt like I just entered through a time machine. All this joy from my childhood tumbled out of that old box. So it then accrued to me what this all meant and why I felt so bad. It accrued to me how much I loved all this characters. How many countless hours watching and imitating there moves with the kids from the neighborhood. The excitement and fun they brought too my life. Sacrificing their bodies and lives for something they loved to do, and that love was to entertain. And entertain they did, on saturday mornings with superstars of wrestling, royal rumble or sumerslam pay preview events. What ever event it was it never was a let down.

I will never forget my love affair with wrestling and all the people that played a role in it. I will always keep my box of memories close and every now and then throw on an old wrestling video and reflect. They were the best at what they did and true professionals. So I felt I must pay Tribute in some small way. So thank you for reading this little dedication to my fallen childhood hero's fan or not.And never forget how the ones from WWF made the WWE what it is today.

Andre The Gaint
May 19, 1946 - Jan 27, 1993

The texas tornado Kerry Von Erich
Feb 3, 1960 - Feb 18, 1993

Dino Bravo
Aug 6,1949-Mar 11,1993

Big John Studd
Feb 19,1948- Mar 20,1995

Brian Pillman
may 22,1962- Oct 22,1997

The Junk Yard Dog
Dec 13,1952- June 2,1998

Owen Hart
May 7,1965 - May 23,1999

Oct 22,2000 - May 23,1999

The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
Nov 27,1962 - May 18,2002

"Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig
March 28,1958 - Feb 10,2003

Miss Elizabeth
Nov 19,1960 - May 1,2003

"Hawk" Michael Hegstrand
Sept 12,1957 - Oct 19,2003

Hercules "Hernandez"
May 7,1956 - March 6,2004

"Big Boss Man" Ray Traylor
May 2,1963 - Sept 22,2004

Eddie Guerrero
Oct 9,1967 - Nov 13,2005

"Earthquake" John Tenta
June 22,1963 - June 7,2006

"Bam Bam Bigelow" Scott Bigelow
Sep 9,1961 - Jan 19,2007

Bad News Brown
Oct 22,1943 - March 6,2007

So once again thank you for paying tr

"Sensational" Sherri
Feb 2, 1958 - June 15,2007

"Crush" Brian Adams
Jan 31, 1963 - Aug 13,2007

"Test" Andrew Martin
March 17,1975 - March 13,2009

I thank you once again for paying Tribute with me to every one on this page and anyone I may have forgotten. There will never be a time in wrestling again like the time when these full of life character graced us with the presents. And I thank them for all fun the brought me growing up.
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