Poy Poy - Great PS1 Game

This is about a great game that was not well known.
April 12, 2007
Seeing as I just did an article on my favorite NES game of all time, I felt it was time to do another one on a Playstation 1 game. The game I am writing about is Poy Poy for the PS1.

This game from what I can gather was not a huge success nor is it well know. It came out near the end of 1997. I picked it up in a game store while I was in college. I can't really say what made me pick it up. The graphics were not the best at the time and it was not a hyped up game. I just remember seeing that it was a 4-player game. Being in college at the time I was always on the look out for any 4-player games. I had 3 room mates and we all liked video games.

To get back to the game, it was sort of like a party game. You would start out by picking a character.
There were several characters to pick from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Once you picked your character you would pick a stage to play in. There were 7 different stages and some had stage hazzards. The object of the game was to knock out the other players and be the last one standing. You could use logs, rocks, ice blocks, and atomic bombs. These things were all over the stages and could be used to hurt the other players. You could even pick up another player and hurl them at other players.

There was also a single player game that was pretty fun to play but no where near as fun as playing with 3 friends. Each challenge in single player was for some sort of cup. After you beat a certain cup you would get even more characters to chose from.

That year we must have played this game 7-8 hours a day. This was the best multiplayer game on the PS1 in my opinion. I still have my copy and will dust if off to battle it out with my son.

If you can find it and want a good multiplayer game I suggest you pick up a copy.
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