She-Ra Princess of Power
Debut: January 01, 1985
Ended: January 01, 1987

Qubo Night Owl

Adora/She-Ra: "For the Honor of Greyskull! I... AM... SHE-RA! -Adora/She-Ra"
She-Ra/Adora: "Give it up....BONEBRAIN!!! -She-Ra/Adora"
Hordak: "[singing] Up, up and away, in my wicked doom ballon! -Hordak"
Hordak Perfuma: "'WHAT IN THE NAME OF EVIL IS GOING ON HERE?' 'Lalalalalalala. Well hello there Hordikins.' 'SHE CALLS ME HORDIKINS?' -Hordak Perfuma"
Skeletor: "A female He-Man? This is the worst day of my life! -Skeletor"
Hordak Imp: "'I have no interest in this Blue Knight Imp.' 'Not Blue... Red!' 'That's what I said.' -Hordak Imp"
Grizzlor: "Grizzlor: It'll blow your socks off! -Grizzlor"
He-Man She-Ra: "'Farewell She-Ra Princess of power.' 'Farewell He-Man dear brother.' -He-Man She-Ra"
Adora: "Adora: [Narrating] I am Adora. He-Man's twin sister and defender of the Crystal Castle. This is Spirit my beloved steed. Fabulous secrets were revealed to me the day I held aloft my sword and said "For the honor of Greyskull! I am She-Ra" She-Ra: Onl -Adora"
Skeletor: "You can't even handle that muscle bond felmale She-ra -Skeletor"
He-man to She-Ra: "He-man: There is on thing you can do? She-ra: What's that? He-Man: You can give you big brother a hug -He-man to She-Ra"
She-Ra: "This is Etheria, my brother, the Horde rules this planet."
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