We Need a He-Man Film! PT 1

My ideas to make a great live action film based on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
December 30, 2008
In a day and age in which remakes and revamps run rampant, a new hero must rise. The 80s and all its splendor is back with a vengeance, and toys are busting into theaters and making off with tons of cold hard Hollywood cash!

Well, I believe only one hero now "has the power" to create another great film franchise, HE-MAN!

Long have we tried to forget the infamous "Masters of the Universe", the godawful 1987 film that sunk the franchise into mockery.

But now in light of "Transformers", I believe Hollywood can use its best actors and effects to create a great new He-Man for this generation to watch.

First off, the franchise should be somewhat like Lord of the Rings fused with Star Wars Tech. I think you could get as many as six or seven films out of it.

1. He-Man and the Power of Grayskull - Adam first discovers power to become He-Man.

2. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Skeletor plots a full-scale invasion of Grayskull, so He-Man gathers many warriors and forms the Masters of the Universe.

3. He-Man and the Rise of the Snakemen - Evil Lyn and Korba Khan release King Hiss and the Snakemen, who then attack Eternia, overthrow Skeletor's forces and plot to kill the Sorceress and Zodak.

4. He-Man and the War of the Serpents - He-Man and the Masters seek to find the long lost Elders, in order to defeat the Snakemen. Meanwhile King Hiss prepares to unleash both Serpos and a virus that turns humans into Snakemen.

5. She-Ra, the Princess of Power - Chronicles the life of Princess Andora, who was kidnapped at birth by spies and taken to Etheria. She is raised by Hordak and the Evil Horde until she becomes She-Ra and raises a rebellion to stop him.

6. He-Man and the Fall of Eternia - The Evil Horde invades Eternia and overthrows Randor, He-Man and the Masters. Hordak now reigns supreme and makes the heroes outlaws. He-Man must now join with Skeletor to defeat his old master.

7. He-Man and the Battle for Earth - Queen Marleena's origin is revealed, she was once an astronaut from Earth. Eventually Horde Prime is released and he, Hordak and Grayskull Power induced Skeletor prepare the invasion of modern day Earth. Now comes the last stand for He-Man and the Masters, which will decide our fate.

Now, I'm going over the first few choices to play the main characters, I'll continue the rest in part 2.


First, i think the best choice for Skeletor himself would be.... JOHNNY DEPP!

It would fit perfectly, his voice, his mannerisms, his method acting and the cgi tech used to create "Davy Jones" would make this an unforgettable villain.


The sinister, snake-like monster that could go from human to monster snake heads in a flash.

The actor would have to use less CGI than Skeletor, just a lot of good make-up. I think a good actor to suit this role would be the marvelous Michael Emerson, Better known as Benjamin Linus from "LOST".

I think it would work, a menacing cold faced human with greenish skin and blaring bug eyes, then with a bit of computer effects several large anaconda like serpents burst out of his skin. How cool is that!?


This main baddie wouldn't be introduced until the very end section of the franchise. Imagine Skeletor is Vader, the most memorable villain but takes orders from a higher authority. Then say King Hiss is Jabba, a powerful enemy and causes the heroes troubles and distractions from their main goal. That leaves Hordak and his master Hordak Prime as the Emperor.

Only one haunting voice and performer could play this villain. By using the technique that created gollum, an all cgi vampiric nightmare, Hordak could be brought to life by one actor...JEREMY IRONS!

The main made voice acting villany as Scar, then brought the hurt down on John McClaine in "Die Hard 3" for killing his baby brother, ooops sorry about the spoiler!

Now for the crowning moment (drum-roll)......


Now this would be the most important decision any studio would have to make, who would fill the shoes of the protector of Eternia and the secrets of Castle Grayskull? Whom could play He-Man? WHOM!?

Hell, I don't know. That's why I'm asking people to review and respond, who do you think should play He-Man, and while were at it, who should play the teen PRINCE ADAM?

Any at all responses would work good for me, the most popular choice will be revealed at the end of part two.

Until then, TTFN (Ta Ta For Now!)

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