Extreme Ghostbusters
Debut: September 01, 1997
Ended: December 08, 1997

Follow-up to the classic 1980s series involves Egon and Slimer from the orignal team as mentors to a group of multi-diverse teens who have taken over from the original guys. This series was much darker in tone than the original series, and some of the creatures were genuinely frightening. The humor of the original was maintained without becoming too cheesy as the old series became by the end. The writing was very sharp and smart, far better than the average animated fare on at the time, with genuinely interesting characters and stories. Some fans complained that this wasn't the Real Ghostbusters they remembered because it was a new team. But the essence of the original was maintained - the often difficult balance between horror and humor. Sure, the characters were different, but they were INTERESTING characters. And the "feel" of the show was undeniably Ghostbusters. The original team showed up towards the end of the series for a special two-parter entitled "Back in the Saddle," where they fought alongside the new team.

Garret: "This better be good, I was in the middle of dreaming about Christie Brinkley."
Eduardo: "I was dreaming about Christy Turlington. Growl."
Kylie: "Shut up... Christian Slater."
Eduardo: "How about you Roland?"
Roland: "Gee, I don't know do square people with square lives and square trash even HAVE dreams?"
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Eduardo: "So it jumps from machine to machine. So what is it? Mecha-Ghost? Robo Spook? Techno Spectre?"
Garrett: "Whatever it is its warranty is extremely expired!"
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Janine Melnitz: "Ghostbusters... I think we're back!"
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Garrett: "We came, we saw, we kicked ghost butt!"
Kylie: "I'm not a screamer."
Eduardo: "Maybe he's dead."
Egon: "Who ya gonna call?"
Garrett: "New York, NY. The town so nice, they named it twice."
Garrett: "New York, NY. The town so nice, they named it twice."
Kylie: "Something ecto this way came."
XGB: "On three! 3! *blasts ghosts with proton guns*"
Eduardo: "*singing* Ecto Man got a clown in the can, Ecto Man got a clown, who's the man?"
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