Debut: December 15, 1992
Ended: December 15, 1997

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Martin: "WUZZUP! -Martin"
Martin: "I was born at night, not last night."
Martin: "Tommy, you don't have no damn job"
Martin: "Bra Man what you doin?"
Bra Man: "Nothin.... Just Chillin!!"
Martin: "Angry man what you doin here?"
Angry Man: "Man... Sit yo ass down!"
Momma Payne: "Martin? I just stopped by to give you this record. We Are The World, by Michael Jackson. Now play that on your show today."
Martin: "But Ma i told you, it's talk radio, we don't play records."
Momma Payne: "Now you don't talk back to Momma! This record is powerful! It just might make this world a better place for you and me!"
Martin: "Sorry Momma, OK. And tell that girl Gina if she's gonna be spendin' the night over here, she needs to start payin' the rent!"
Martin: "Get to stepping!"
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