The Doris Day Show
Debut: January 01, 1968
Ended: January 01, 1973

Originally it was about widow Doris Martin and her two young sons who left the big city for the quiet and peace of her family's ranch, which was run by her dad Buck and ranchhand Leroy. Later Doris, Buck and sons Billy and Toby moved to San Francisco, where Doris got a job as a secretary to bumbling magazine publisher Michael Nicholson. In Season Three, the Martin family moved into an apartment above the Paluccis' Italian restaurant, and Doris began writing features for Today's World magazine. Finally, the kids, family, Nicholson, the Paluccis' and all other cast members vanished, and Doris became a single staff writer for Today's World, where her new boss was stentatorial-voiced Cy Bennett. Series Credited cast: Doris Day .... Doris Martin Denver Pyle .... Buck Webb (1968-1970) Fran Ryan .... Aggie Thompson (1968) James Hampton .... Leroy B. Simpson (1968-1969) Philip Brown .... Billy Martin (1968-1971) Todd Starke .... Toby Martin (1968-1971) Naomi Stevens .... Juanita (1968-1969) Rose Marie .... Myrna Gibbons (1969-1971) McLean Stevenson .... Michael Nicholson (1969-1971) Paul Smith .... Ron Harvey Kaye Ballard .... Angie Palucci (1970-1971) Bernie Kopell .... Louie Palucci (1970-1971) John Dehner .... Sy Bennett (1971-1973) Jackie Joseph .... Jackie Parker (1971-1973) rest of cast listed alphabetically: Klair Bybee .... Assistant Plant Manager Billy De Wolfe .... Willard Jarvis (1969-1973) Peter Lawford .... Dr. Peter Lawrence (1971-1973) Patrick O'Neal .... Jonathan Rusk Carol Worthington .... Ethel, the Babysitter (1970-1971)

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