NBC Nightly News
Debut: August 03, 1970
Debut: August 03, 1970

It is NBC News' weekday evening news program. The program debut on August 3, 1970, with David Brinkley, John Chancellor, and Frank McGee rotating duties as anchors until August 9, 1971 when Chancellor became the sole anchor. On June 7, 1976, David Brinkley was brought back to the anchor desk, this time shared again with John Chancellor both reported from New York, however Brinkley would later return to Washington. Chancellor became the sole anchor once again on October 10, 1979, with Brinkley once again providing commentary until he left NBC News for ABC News in 1981. Although the program was sometimes a strong second place in the evening news ratings, Chancellor decided to step down as the sold anchor on April 2, 1982, but he remained on the program as an editorial commentator until his retirement from NBC News on July 9, 1993. On April 3, 1982, Tom Brokaw joined the program by taking over the co-anchoring duties in New York alone, and Roger Mudd became the Washington anchor, but he was dropped after over a year. On September 5, 1983, Brokaw became the sole anchor of the program, where he remained for a record 21-year run, until his final broadcast on December 1, 2004. On December 2, 2004, Brian Williams took over as the program's permanent anchor until his final broadcast on February 7, 2015 because of the embellishment scandal controversey that would eventually suspend him for 6 months without pay, and eventually be fired from the program for real, but be back on the air for good in September 2015 as breaking news anchor at the cable network MSNBC. The program became the 1st weekday evening news program to broadcast in High-Definition on March 26, 2007. On June 22, 2015, Lester Holt became the sole main anchor, becoming the first african-american ever to sole anchor a major NBC News weekday evening newscast.

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