Think Fast!
Debut: May 01, 1989
Ended: June 29, 1991

Host Michael Carrington in 1989-1990 Host Skip Lackey in 1990-1991 2 teams of 2 kids each(Blue & Gold) competed in stunts that test their mental/physical abilities in order to get a shot at solving the Brain Bender of which solving it is worth $200. The team with the higher score at the end of the game goes on to the locker room where they have 30 seconds to make 7 matches of creatures/items.

Michael: "This is Michael Carrington saying we/if you don't have time to think twice, Think Fast!"
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Skip: "Welcome everybody! Welcome to Think Fast! Audience how we doing today, let's hear it!"
Audience: "(Cheers and applause)"
Skip: "Alright, they are cookin' out there! And I hope you're ready at home too!"
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Skip Lackey: "Well, This was our last event and nobody got the "Brain Bender". So therefore, We are going to our "Sudden Death Brain Bender.""
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Henry J: ""Think Fast" was recorded in front of the live studio audience at Nickelodeon Studios. Located at Universal Studios Resort in Orlando Florida."
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Skip Lackey: "This is Skip Lackey saying if you don't have time to think twice, Think Fast."
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Skip Lackey: "You better watch out because inside one of these lockers is the dreaded "Red Herring." Now the Red Herring is a character or thing that has no match at all. If the next match is that character or thing, You must yank this handle bar and you will continue making more matches. Let's show the viewers at home what is today's Red Herring is. (Viewers at home sees a photo of the Red Herring character or thing)."
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Henry J: "We are here inside the Think Fast locker room where you can the matching pairs to win cash and prizes. But beware of the dreaded "Red Herring" right here on....."
Locker Room Character: "....Think Fast!"
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Micheal: "Hey you Think Fast. -Micheal"
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