My Top 10 Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

An article on what I think are the Top 10 best fast food restaurants to eat at.
April 03, 2017

We all love fast food. Whether it be to get it on the go for lunch or dinner or eating inside, fast food has always been a big part of our culture, especially America. For you health nuts who will read this article and wonder if I'm fat: No I'm not, I'm a very skinny person and I don't eat at these places too much.

What I am going to be doing today is a Top 10 list of my favorite fast food restaurants to eat at and why I think these places are the best places to eat at. Some of the places listed below will be chains everyone will recognize and some of them will not. Here we go.

10. Smashburger

If you never been to a Smashburger before or don't have any in your area, I feel really bad for you. Smashburger is an American fast-casual burger restaurant chain that was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2007. 10 years later, it has become one of the fastest growing local burger chains in the world with more than 370 corporate franchise outlets operating in 37 states and 9 countries. And for a good reason.

Their burgers have excellent taste and are freshly cooked. My favorite meal to get there is the bacon cheeseburger combo with fries. The onions that they put on their burgers like the one in the photo above are really good too and make the burger taste even better. The way they cook their fires is a lot like McDonald's, except they are less bland and much tastier. Think of this place as a much healthier version of Burger King.

9. Wendy's:

...Aah, Wendy's. Of all the big three fast food burger chains in America, Wendy's is definitely the best of them. I mean who doesn't like to get the Wendy's vanilla frosty occasionally at night for desert? They also have healthier and better tasting burgers than McDonald's or Burger King.

The Baconator:

I think what really made me a fan of Wendy's was the release of the Baconator back in 2007, which would become a major success for the franchise. I remember when my 12 year old self first tried this burger and I loved it! It was the best burger I had ever had at that point.

But the main reason I have always liked going to Wendy's is because of their awesome chicken nuggets. I love going there occasionally to get the 10-piece Chicken Nugget meal for only $5.99. I have loved eating Wendy's chicken nuggets since I was a kid and consider them better than McDonald's Chicken McNuggets.

8. Domino's Pizza:

Whenever I want pizza, Domino's is the place I go to. Out of all the big pizza chains in the US, Domino's Pizza has always been my favorite. They're even better than any of the local pizza places in my area, but that is not to say I don't have any good local restaurants that sells pizza in my hometown, I just prefer Domino's.

The majority of the time I get pizza, I just like to order delivery and take it home. And I love the taste of Domino's Pizza. My favorite pizza to get from there is the pepperoni and bacon pizza. I also love the way they make their cheese and crust and the taste of it.

7. Zaxby's:

If you don't know what Zaxby's is, or never heard of one, it is a fast food franchise that was established in Statesboro, Georgia in 1990. Zaxby's' menu mainly specializes in chicken such as chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, chicken wings, and salads. It is most primarily a southern fast food restaurant and operates more than 800 locations.

I love Zaxby's and it has been one of my favorite fast food restaurants to eat at since I was a kid. It is second on my list of favorite chicken fast food restaurants to eat at in America.

Zaxby's is known for their excellent tasting chicken and their own famous sauce, the Zax Sauce. My favorite meal to get whenever I go to Zaxby's is the 4 chicken finger plate with fries, bread, and a coleslaw. I love taking my food and dipping it into the Zax Sauce because it tastes so good.

6. Checkers:

Next on my list is Checkers. Or as some others call it, Rally's depending where you live.

Oh man, Checkers...yum. I had fond memories of this chain going back to when I was only a little kid living in Macon, Georgia back in the Late 1990's/Early 2000's. I remember my mom use to go there through the drive-thru and order their yummy chicken sandwich and remember their fries being to die for. But for a long time, I wasn't allowed to eat there due to my family moving to Tallahassee, Florida and not having a Checkers in our area. My parents also became a lot more health-conscious and couldn't eat greasy food like that anymore.

But then 2017 came, and Checkers opened brand new locations here in Tallahassee, and I got a new Checkers near my house. So, I decided to eat there one day after not having their food in ages...and man was the food delicious. Their fries were just as good as I remembered, if not better than I remember them tasting.

But one item I absolutely loved from this place was the Baconzilla.

If you ever get a chance to go to a Checkers/Rally's, get the Baconzilla combo. The Baconzilla was the best bacon cheeseburger I ever had. When I got this burger during my last Checkers visit, I couldn't even finish it and decided to save it for later, and that's saying something.

5. Panda Express:

I love Chinese food. And I especially love Panda Express. Sure, it may not be real Chinese food, but who cares? If I want real Chinese food, I'll go to my local buffet (which is expensive) or go to P.F. Chang's (which unfortunately, I don't have in my hometown). Panda Express is the closest and most convenient place to get Chinese food.

I love the taste of their orange chicken and fried rice as a side. Who doesn't like the plum sauce? And their eggrolls are the best eggrolls I've ever had. But one meal I love getting here is their Beijing Beef meal. I also love reading the paper in my fortune cookie that I get afterwards from eating there.

4. Captain D's:

Every once in a while, I need a little seafood. But sometimes, instead of going to an actual seafood restaurant, I prefer to go to Captain D's.

Specializing in seafood and fish and chips, Captain D's was founded in Donelson, Tennessee and currently has 520 locations in the U.S. So, it's basically the Long John Silver's of the South.

I have loved Captain D's since my childhood and that is why it made #4 on my list.

My favorite meal to get there is their fish plate with fries, hush puppies, and coleslaw...mmm!!! Their hush puppies have always been to die for and don't get me started on the Captain D's Sweet and Sour Sauce!

3. KFC:

"There's Fast Food. Then There's KFC."

- Jason Alexander

On March 30, 1930, a man named Colonel Harland Sanders introduced the world to his own fried chicken recipe. Nearly a century later, and Colonel's famous tasty chicken has spawned a never-ending-growing multinational powerhouse in the fast food industry. What would America be without Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Majority of the time whenever I crave chicken, I get KFC. Whenever I crave fried chicken, I get KFC.

KFC has had many classic items on their menu over the years. Who can forget the classic Popcorn Chicken meal (a big favorite of mine)? Or their famous Snacker combos from the Mid-2000's? Who doesn't like KFC's side items like their famous tasting potato wedges, mashed potatos, or honey biscuits? With a choice between two different sauces...Sweet and Sour or Honey BBQ sauce...mmmmmmm!!!!!!!

But another meal I like to get is their 3 Tender Meal that comes with a chocolate chip cookie. Nothing like going to KFC one day and getting myself some chicken strips with a nice large Mountain's finger lickin' good!

2. Backyard Burgers:

Second on my list is Backyard Burgers.

It's very likely most of you have never seen or even heard of Backyard Burgers and I pity you. I'm telling you-and I mean this with all my heart, soul, and mind-it is the absolute best place to get a burger period.

Since 1987, Backyard Burgers has continuously worked with a team of beef experts to make the best 100% Black Angus Beef ever and have never changed their original recipe for their burgers. They don't just put primo patties under a heat lamp, they cook each order individually on a real grill.

What I usually like to get whenever I hit a Backyard Burgers, is their Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger combo with a side of waffle fries. Yes, you read that correctly, waffle fries. Backyard Burgers sells waffle fries-and if you never had them-I pity you. They are absolutely the BEST tasting fries ever, yes better than Chick-fil-A's waffle fries. They also serve Pepsi products, which is another reason why they are my #1 favorite burger chain.

Backyard Burgers' service is also excellent and quick and the food is always properly prepared and freshly warm. I've never had bad service at Backyard Burgers.

As of 2017, there are only 86 Backyard Burgers locations in the U.S. And there is a reason for that: Backyard Burgers is the REAL DEAL.


1. Arby's:

I mean how can it not be Arby's??? I was raised on this place!!!

My earliest memories of Arby's go back to when I was only 3 or 4 years old living in Macon, Georgia and eating there with my parents. It has been my favorite fast food restaurant for a long time and one of my favorites since I was a toddler.

Of all my favorite fast food chains, Arby's has the best menu to choose from. Who doesn't like to get an Arby's sandwich with yummy curly fries and a Pepsi-Cola? Who doesn't like to get their famous Arby's sauce to put on your sandwich or use as dip for your fries? And if you want desert, you can always get one of their turnover pies.

My favorite sandwich to get here as a kid was their Roast Beef Sandwich. But as I got older, I fell in love with their Beef 'n Cheddar Sandwich which has been the main meal I get whenever I go to Arby's. I also love their excellent tasting Chicken Bacon & Swiss Sandwich.

I have also never still felt hungry after finishing an Arby's meal, because majority of the time, the food was satisfying enough for me to feel stuffed after eating their food. And yes-after eating some Arby's-it has always put me in a good mood.

Although, I'm not fan of their new logo and restaurant design, I understand that a company has to update it's image every once in a while.

Well, that concludes what I think are the Top 10 best fast food restaurants to eat at. Let me know what your Top 10 favorite fast food places are and if one of your favorites didn't make the list, please let me know and leave your thoughts on the article as well. Thanks for reading!

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