Bobby's World
Debut: January 01, 1990
Ended: January 01, 1998

Bobby's World premiered on FOX on September 8, 1990. From the wacky mind of comedian Howie Mandel comes the coolest cartoon yet, Bobby's World. Bobby lives in a typical suburban neighborhood, but step inside his imagination and discover a world of daring adventure, incredible wonder and lots of laughs-all in pint-sized perspective. We see BOBBY'S WORLD through the eyes of 4-year-old BOBBY, the alter ego of comedian Howie Mandel. Bobby's two biggest character traits are his penchant for taking things literally and letting his imagination get the best of him.

Howie Generic: "This is an old antique radio I had when I was a kid. Lots of time, I spend all day just listening to The Beatles. They were big, Forget big. They were huge."
Bobby Generic: "The Beatles were huge?!?"
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Mom: "For cryin' in the mud, Bobby, you could grow potatos behind those ears, dontcha know. -Mom"
Uncle Ted: "Hey Bobb-O! -Uncle Ted"
Bobby: "Mom is Pepermint? -Bobby"
Uncle Ted: "Time for Noogies! -Uncle Ted"
Bobby: "What happend to hank. -Bobby"
Bobby: "You kissed me? OH YUCK! -Bobby"
Bobby (immitating his mom): "NO! I WANT MY GEE GOLLY FORT DAY DONTCHA' KNOW!?!? -Bobby (immitating his mom)"
Bobby: "Am I in trouble? -Bobby"
Uncle Ted and Bobbie (singing): "Fish don't stink! Under the water the fish don't stink! -Uncle Ted and Bobbie (singing)"
Uncle Ted: "Oh boy, socks in a can! Ya' know, they make great wedding gifts. -Uncle Ted"
Bobby: "I was at the bottom of the pool, I don't know for how long. But it must have been a while, because I had time to write this song. -Bobby"
Bobby at a Sport store: "Manager: How about a cup? Bobby: No thanks, not thirsty -Bobby at a Sport store"
Bobby: "Funny I thought only boys had Tentacles. -Bobby"
Bobby: "If he's the best man, why isn't she marrying him? -Bobby"
Bobby: "Hush little baby, don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird, and if that mocking bird don't sing... I'm gonna rip off his feathers and tear off his wings! -Bobby"
Whole family: "Someone: Bobby GeNERic? It's GENeric!! -Whole family"
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