Debut: January 01, 1998
Ended: January 01, 2006

Yugi Moto is a high school student with a passion for all kinds of games, especially the card game Duel Monsters in which 2 opponents summon monsters to battle each other. One day his grandfather gives him the mystical Millenium Puzzle, an ancient Egyptian artifact with magic powers. By solving the Millenium Puzzle Yugi released the spirit of a 5000 year old pharaoh that now lives within his body. When things get though, the spirit of the pharaoh takes over Yugi's body, he then looks taller and more mature, he is then called Yami Yugi. Thanks to the spirit of the pharaoh, Yugi makes new friends, Joey, Tea and Tristan. Yugi's grandfather agrees to teach Joey how to play Duel Monsters. When Yugi defeats the regional chamion, Seto Kaiba, he gets the attention of Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters and owner of the mysterious Millenium Eye, who wants to include Yugi in his plan to take over Kaiba's gaming company. Pegasus captures the soul of Yugi's grandfather and so the story begins. There's a total of 8 story arcs. 1. Duelist Kingdom Yugi and his friends travel to Duelist Kingdom and participate in Pegasus' tournament, to defeat Pegasus and save Yugi's grandpa. Before they are allowed to enter Pegasus' castle, they first have to win enough matches to be allowed inside. During this quest they meet Bakura, owner of the Millenium Ring which contains an evil spirit, and Mai, a girl with a passion for dueling. 2. Battle City Kaiba is given the Egyptian god card 'Obelisk the Tormentor' by an Egyptian woman, one of the 3 most powerful cards in the entire game. To lure out a gang of thieves called the Rare Hunters, who hold the other 2 Egyptian god cards, he organizes the Battle City Tournament. All top duelists are invited and ofcourse, so is Yugi. Kaiba's goal is to win all 3 Egyptian god cards and defeat Yugi with it. But Yugi has bigger things to worry about, the leader of the Rare Hunters, Marik, owner of the Millenium Rod. He's also after the Egyptian god cards but after Yugi's Millenium Puzzle as well, which combined with the god cards form the key to unlocking the power of the pharaoh. 3. Virtual World After having qualified for the Battle City finals, Yugi and his friends and Kaiba are trapped inside a virtual world by Kaiba's step-brother Noah. Now they have to take on Noah and his 5 henchmen to win their freedom back. 4. Battle City Finals After escaping from the virtual world, the semi finals can begin, where Yugi must duel Kaiba and Joey must duel Marik. Whoever wins the tournament will have possesion of all 3 Egyptian god cards and therefor the world's most powerful card set. But so much more is at stake, if Marik wins the tournament, the whole world is in danger. 5. Waking the Dragons When Yugi uses the 3 Egyptian god cards to unlock the secrets of the pharaoh, he's interfered by Dartz and so accidently opens a gateway between the real world and the spirit world, now monsters from the card game become real. Dartz and his henchmen posses the power of the Orichalcos, when a duelist loses against them, they also lose their soul. Dartz is gathering souls to feed the great Leviathan, a giant creature, to destroy the corrupted world and rebuild it as a paradise. Yugi, Kaiba and Joey are the chosen duelists and are each given a legendary dragon card, cards with powers like no other. The threesome has to face their strongest opponents so far with the risk of losing their soul everytime they duel. 6. KC Grand Prix After defeating Dartz, Yugi and his friends are stuck in the USA and have no transportation to return to Japan. Kaiba offers them a ride home, only if they participate in his new tournament. All seems like fun competition until it becomes clear that one of Kaiba's rivals has joined the tournament to destroy his company. 7. Dawn of the Duel Yugi is finally able to use the Egyptian god cards to discover the memories of the pharaoh, but when doing so the spirit of the pharaoh, along with the dark spirit of the Millenium Ring, is sent to the memory world. Back in ancient Egypt, the pharaoh has to re-live the past with his knowledge of the present, but so does the spirit of the Millenium Ring who turns out to be thief-king Bakura. Bakura is once again trying to obtain all 7 Millenium Items so that he can summon the Dark Ruler Zorc. The pharaoh now has to stop the evil that threatens Egypt for the second time. 8 . End Game Having finally destroying Zorc, recovering his memories and finding out his true name, Yami, who's name is actually Ahtem, explains to the others that the time has come for one more duel, a duel that he must "LOSE" in order to go to the great beyond. Shocked and saddened by this news, the gang prepares for what may be the pharoahs final moments on this earth. Yugi stands to the challenge. The final duel will be between the two beings who have shared a friendship and a body. The Pharoh Ahtem vs. Yugi Moto!

yugi: "I summon the Dark Magician!! -yugi"
yami: "I summon slifer the sky dragon! -yami"
Rebbeca & Joey: "Rebecca:"I am 8." Joey: "Yeah, 8 inches tall." -Rebbeca & Joey"
Yugi: "It's time to D-D-D-duel! -Yugi"
Yami Yugi: "I was thinking about calling you a monster but I didn't want to insult the cards. -Yami Yugi"
Yugi & Joey: "Yugi: "Umm Joey i don't think were supposed to cook the candy bars." Joey:" Back off i know what im doin'." -Yugi & Joey"
Prince Atem: "I play Monster Reborn and you know what that means? I get to summon a monster back from my grave yard. Slifer come forth. -Prince Atem"
Yugi Moto: "You just triggered my trap. I hid a card inside my box and you know what that means? This duel is over. -Yugi Moto"
Yami Yugi (Duelist Kingdom): "EXODIA! OBLIDERATE!"
Maximillian J. Pegasus: "Yugi-boy!"
Joey and Tristan: "Ready, set, FEEDING FRENZY!"
Bakura: "(as Tea, Tristan, and Bakura climb one of the towers of Pegasus' Castle) Tristan, that's not the rope; that's my leg!"
Tristan: "Well, climb faster!"
Seto Kaiba: "If I had a dime for every time you said the word 'destiny', I'd be even richer."
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