We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
Release: November 24, 1993

In this animated children's film from Amblin Entertainment, a group of four dinosaurs, including a tyrannosaurus rex, a triceratops, a hadrosaur, and a pterodactyl, are brought forward in time to New York City to entertain and befriend the children. However, when the dinosaurs are threatened by an evil circus owner, it is up to their young friends to save the day.

Cecilia, Prof. Screweyes: "Louie, I'm scared." "You are? Good! -Cecilia, Prof. Screweyes"
Stubbs: "That's why people come here. To get scared. -Stubbs"
Birds: "Mama's little birdie! Mama's little birdie! -Birds"
Louie Elsa: "Louie: "I got it, hey you, the bat.." Elsa: "I am NOT a bat. I am a pherdactle." -Louie Elsa"
Elsa: "Pardon my wingspan won't you please? -Elsa"
Buster the baby birdie: "I'm gonna run away an' join the circus. -Buster the baby birdie"
Stubbs: "You know why everyone's laughing? Hm? BECAUSE THAT'S COMEDY!! -Stubbs"
Louie and Cecila: "C'mon, Big Eyes, ya killin' me. What's the matter?" "It's Thanksgiving." "So, what's there to cry about? Ya don't like turkey? -Louie and Cecila"
Rex: "Human beings...MMM. What a meal! -Rex"
Louie: "I wish I had a friend... -Louie"
Cecilia and Louie: "Louie, I feel so silly." "Yeah, and I've never seen so many tonsils in my life! -Cecilia and Louie"
Cecilia: "Who are you? And what's THAT? -Cecilia"
Cecilia: "Cecilia Nuthatch. Pleasure to meet you. -Cecilia"
Buster: "(referring to Rex being a dinosaur) What the heck are ya doin' playin' golf?! -Buster"
Little kid: "I wish for a Thanksgiving hat! -Little kid"
Rex: "(reads nametag upside-down) Yer ee un ay? Oh (turns it) MY NAME IS...REX!!! -Rex"
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