Nick Arcade
Debut: January 04, 1991
Ended: November 06, 1992

A Nickelodeon game show that combined the fun of game shows, board games, and video games! Each round began with the Face-off where contestants would play a quick 30-second virtual reality video game. After the face off, the players would go to an interactive board game where they would have to move "Mikey" to the goal. With each square Mikey landed on, something different would occur. These included gaming-themed trivia questions, video puzzles, point squares, prize squares, and the video challenges where contestants played a video game. For the final round, the contestants would play The Video Zone, a live-action virtual reality game with themselves as the characters.

Phil: "POP QUIZ!"
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Phil: "Thank you Andrea, and welcome to Nick Arcade, the ultimate video challenge!"
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Phil: "Whoo! They did it!"
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Anderea: "And now for all of you who wanted Moore, here he is PHIL MOORE!!!!! -Anderea"
Game Over: "Hold it right there p brain. -Game Over"
Phil Moore: "You're gonna take Mikey, our video adventurer, and move him all around this screen in every direction except diagonally. -Phil Moore"
Game Over the Bully: "Hold it right there, pea brain! -Game Over the Bully"
Andrea: "And now the guy who flunked his Milli Vanilli audition because he could actually sing, Phil Moore! -Andrea"
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