Tremors 2: Aftershocks
Release: April 09, 1996
Release: April 09, 1996

The "Graboids" have returned and now there's a lot more of them. Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) and his newfound assistant are hired to hunt them down, and everything goes along peachy until they mutate into smaller versions with legs! Fun sequel manages to pack enough laughs and surprises to keep it interesting, but lacks the chemistry of Ward and Kevin Bacon that made the original a cult classic. — Sean D. MacLaggan

Burt Gummer: "I Am Completely...Out...Of Ammo." [Drops To His Knees] "That's Never Happened To Me Before." [Burt Has Just Blown Up A Graboid.] "Memo: 4 Pounds Of C-4 May Be A Bit--" [Pebbles Rain Down Onto His Helmet] ...Excessive -Burt Gummer"
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