Retro Alphabet: Part II

Memorable Video Games A-Z
June 10, 2009
Video Games

This alphabetical list reflects the first game to come to mind when thinking of a particular letter. Some of these games I have played.........most I have not. I vividly recall the box covers more than anything for these games. Whether it was featured in a magazine or comic book, this list is a reflection of my adolescent memory. Due to the marketing overexposure these titles have received, the images have been burned in my brain for eternity. Let's see what I remember..........

Adventures of Bayou Billy

This game was advertised so much in "Marvel" comic books and I have yet to play a single level. Usually it was in a "Konami" ad with "Castlevania", "Track and Field", etc. From what I can tell, it looks like a "Crocodile Dundee" rip-off, set in Louisiana. I remember he was in an episode of the "Captain N" cartoon, but that is all I know of "Bayou Billy". "Ha ha ha. Thats not a knife. This is a knife!" *insert over-the-hill aussie intimidating thugs*

Boy and his Blob

This one came very easy to me because I had a huge Nintendo strategy guide that covered fifty titles and this game actually warranted a tips section. Are you serious?! I don't get this game. You feed a blob jellybeans? I'm not talking crap, I might want to play it one day. If you have and it is worth it, let me know.....but come on, are you serious? What kid would want this game? I think I would punch my mom in the throat.

Captain Comic

I bought this game used from a pawn shop in the 80's and it was fucking terrible. The controls suck and it was made by a third party developer. I remember this well because the cartridge was baby blue and molded differently. I never got past the first level as it was incredibly frustrating. I watched a speed run on "Youtube" and I realize it can be beat. Yipee, I suck!


Never saw the movie. Never played the game. However, it was in every episode of televisions "Video Power" because some dork would run the maze and always end up with the game stuck to his velcro suit. Hell, it probably is a good game. The box cover looks cool.....but that isn't saying a whole lot.


I recall mixed reviews for this game in "Nintendo Power". I saw the cover and thought it looked different. It had a cool concept for its time. I have yet to try it out but the rpg/side scroller mechanics seems appealing in retrospect. Rawwwr!

Fantastic Dizzy

"GamePro" magazine always had a third party developer advertisement and it was usually a "Dizzy" game. I guess you are an egg named "Dizzy" (who is fantastic?) and you jump around platform style? They played it on "Nick Arcade" back in the day and it didn't look horrible. Then again I was watching "Nick Arcade", so my tastes are suspect.

Goonies II

This game was also featured in the "Konami" collage ad with "Bayou Billy". Remember the "Uncanny X-Men" issue with "Master Mold" on the cover? It had the printed screen shots inside the cover of some of the levels. I did the research and know Japan had the original and all we got was the sequel. The first time I played it was in the arcade at "Peter Piper Pizza" on the Nintendo "Play Choice" cabinet. Never got far but the game is still a cult classic to some.


This game was fun but hard. It was neat to play because it was so different than most puzzle games of that time. You basically use these cave men to advance through levels all the while learning basic human traits and inventions. I see they remade it for the Nintendo DS and it looks pretty cool.

Incredible Hulk

This game was pretty fun for the SNES. Nothing more than a simple platform beat'em up. I rented this game because I saw it on the "GamePro" TV program. "Hulk" make good game in 1993......"Hulk" make bad movie in 2003.


My friend B.J. growing up had terrible games. I literally think he closed his eyes and pointed at the wall to decide what to buy. He had "Jackal" and though the game isn't that bad, it still is not something a kid wants to play when your other friend has "Super Mario Bros. 3" down the street. You drive a jeep and you shoot shit. The End.

Kung Fu Heroes

I actually love this game. I used to play the arcade version at the local hot dog restaurant after little league baseball. The sound effects are stuck in my head to this day and I like when you kill somebody.........they explode in pieces. The premise is you jump around and beat people up. Who needs a background story?

Legacy of the Wizard

Now I am fully aware that this is not the first time I have mentioned this game on this site. Actually, it is the fourth time it has been mentioned in some way, shape, or form. Some memories run so deep that you can't not mention them. So yeah, my cousin owned this game. It's tough as shit without maps and I dare you not to give up after a day of playing it. The music still haunts my dreams. Aagghh!


Before he moved to Chicago, my friend Jeremy had the greatest games on my street. He had "Bionic Commando", "Kid Icarus", "ExciteBike" and "MagMax" to name a few. "MagMax"?? Oh, you thought I meant to say "Mad Max" like "Mel Gibson", right? No. I mean "MagMax" like.........I don't know? It was this robot shooter game where you start off as a ship flying around. Eventually you pick up parts to form a robot along the way. The music is repetitive, and I swear the game has no ending. This title was the one flaw in his collection. I'm not hating. I had "Mickey Mousecapade".......I know flawed games.

Yes, I saw this game in the arcades all the time and it got featured in the 1990 "TMNT" film. However, I never wanted to play it and from my friends memories always said was harder than it needed to be. This didn't stop the producers of "Video Power" from having it on the show and in the cartoon. Almost every other episode via face off round featured "NARC" or "Robocop". Makes me wanna do drugs!

Operation Wolf

Great game in the arcade, if you like shooting games. Horrible for the NES. This game was also in all the "DC" and "Marvel" comics ads in the 80's. I think we are done here.

Power Blade

You have a boomerang and it is a platform game. That is all I remember. The box cover made me want to give it a try when I got it from the local rental store. Apparently it must not have made an impact if I got nothing of merit to say about the title. Anyone else?


Not easy to remember games with this letter but "Quackshot" edged out "Q*Bert" in the memory bank. "Donald Duck" in his first (and only?) game for Sega. A nice little "super mario-esque" game that really looked polished on the Genesis. Nothing bad to say about this one.


I realize this game was a prequel to "Double Dragon" or supposed to be it or something to that degree. Anyways, both games run a similar engine, however "Renegade" has fucked up controls. If you played this game you know what I am talking about. Left attack and Right attack?? It's not crazy hard, but is tricky enough to piss off even the most seasoned gamer. This is another one of my friend B.J.'s "stellar" NES titles. Jeez.


Much the same as "Power Blade". Cool box cover.......can't remember anything about the game. Watch out! He's dangerous with his yellow "Oakley Razor Blades". We're on a roll here kids.......


The "Tengen" title "Toobin" was fun for a few hours. Then I realized I could go outside and make friends. I chose to make friends.

Urban Strike

My friend Seth had this Genesis game, and it was probably the only game he was ever good at playing. Now he is a psychopath that I haven't seen in years. Maybe he got a little too good at being destructive? I got that way after playing "Art Alive"!

Vice: Project Doom

This game ad was either in my "Spiderman 2099" issue or "X-Force" comic. I know two things. First, I know it's a driving game. Second, it looks like "Mel Gibson" on the cover with either the chick who played "Wonder Woman" (Lynda Carter?), or "Karen Allen" from "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Whoa! I apologize. Two "Mel Gibson" references in one article. Boy, am I ashamed. Forget that! Screw you for judging me....I am who I am!!!!


Judging from the "Jaleco" box cover in a "Nintendo Power", I rented this game and (in my opinion) is as close to "Mega Man" as you can get. The elemental theories apply with the weapons/bosses and the overall aesthetic screams, "Whomp'Em gave "Capcom" a rusty trombone!" Beautiful and disgusting at the same time. Sometimes love is messy and payments are unclean. What?


"Hudson Soft" made a game that is two things. One: It is a platformer. Two: It is a shooter. Three: I don't have a three. Shit! You win!! However if I did, it would be that this game is pretty fun and shares many qualities with "Blaster Master". Shit! That's four. Oh, and "Sunsoft" made "Blaster Master" so that makes it........ahhh hell, I give up! At least I got the "soft" part right. "That's what she said! Oh snap, son! No he dih'ent!"

Yoshi's Cookie

Like a special needs "Dr. Mario" comes "Yoshi's Cookie", which was prominently featured in my "Ghost Rider" comic. Like puzzle games "Columns" and "Tetris", this game is so stupid it's double stupid. Ha! You see what I did there?! Wait. Damn double negatives! Foiled again!

Zen: Intergalactic Ninja

By 1993 if you were still playing the NES you were struggling for good titles. I first saw Zen in the now late EGM magazine. Zen is a comic book based ninja and the story has something to do with pollution or hippie-nature bullshit. I dunno, he's an alien or something that is fighting bad guys, platform style. Sound exciting right? Facts aren't what matters. All that matters is does my hair look okay? See I've been trying this new thing......and........uh.....

Shit...... outta time kids.

Up Next: Part III............I swear it will be less alcohol induced. Hooray, responsibility!


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