Retro Alphabet: Part I

Nostalgic Thoughts from A-Z.
June 08, 2009
Nostalgic Thoughts

This alphabetical list reflects the first retro thought to come to memory when thinking of a particular letter. Some of these choices are familiar.........most people should remember them all. Let's see what we have..........

Airwalk Footwear

I could'nt find a picture of my "Tony Hawk" pro models, with the flames on the sides but this example will do. In the 80's there were crazy colorways and designs. In the 90's they resurged with more simple low cut skate shoes. Now they are in Payless shoe stores everywhere. How the mighty have fallen. High end sneaker boutiques and vintage shoe collectors say that in 2009 Airwalk will re-release the above shoe model "Prototype" in limited quantities.


Everyone had at least one Micheal Jackson record. I remember my mom bought me this album from "Tracks" in our local mall. I do remember it having a white cassette tape once opened. Maybe that was indicative of his new skin pigment. "Dirty Diana" was my favorite song because guitarist Steve Stevens from "Billy Idol" played on it with his signature "stun gun" sound effect.

Captain Kangaroo

I do remember this show. Captain Kangaroo was a kids program like "Romper Room" that I loved as a child. Looking back, his facial hair and bowl cut kinda creeps me out a little bit.


One of the best animated cartoons of the 80's. Great episodes and theme song make this a definite nostalgic selection. I'm sorry but "Denver the Last Dinosaur" would have never popped in my head first.

E.T. Cereal

I can still taste this cereal as if it was yesterday. If only the Atari game was as sweet. Is it me or does E.T. have fingers that look like Twix bars?

Fruit Stripe Gum

This was in my back pocket during every little league baseball game. The great flavors only lasted a minute though which was its greatest flaw. I suppose it is illegal for fruity goodness to last more than 90 seconds. Damn you Zebra! "Cinnaburst" got it right though.


I never understood the logo. Was it supposed to be a "sharkman" claiming something with a flag, like the first moonwalk? I like to think so......or if you glance at it for a second the flag looks like a grim reapers sickle. Whatever it is I still had the most annoying gaudy surf clothes from them. Hot pink tee shirt and plaid shorts. Thank you, may I have another.....?

Hit Stix

This one Christmas present alluded me and I was forever scarred. I ended up getting a BMX bike instead but I wanted the "Hit Stix" more. They were so awesome to me for some strange reason. Who knows how we rationalize gifts as a kid.....the bike was way better, yet I became quite bitter over not getting what was on my Santa list. Only last year through countless therapy sessions have I come to terms with this travesty via my carthatic novel, "Confessions of an Only Child: Spoiled or Scorned?".

Iron Maiden

This memory is more of their mascot "Eddie" than the actual band. Sure they are awesome and I love what they have done......but when you think of Iron Maiden what pops in your head first? Bruce or Eddie? Eddie of course! Cartoon demons win every's just science.


I had a wardrobe full of their surf inspired shirts and shorts. On the east coast Jimmy'Z was very popular growing up. That "woody" car takes me back to the 80's every time I see the logo.

Karate Kid

Daniel was just New Jersey trash before Mr. Miyagi made him as tough as Bon Jovi's leather outfits. Wait!? What? Do you really need an explanation? All I know is don't ever go to a school dance dressed as a shower or the Cobra Kai will beat your ass in a skeleton costume. I swear to God, I heard that they were going to remake this with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son. Can we just leave classics alone? Son of a biatch!

Liquid Television

Back when MTV still played music videos....sorta.....came Liquid Televison. Forward thinking animation with very mature themes that gave us "Beavis and Butthead", "Aeon Flux" and a host of others. Truly one of MTV's best accomplishments. Now all there is every time I scan past the channel is "The Hills" or some stupid ass "dating" show. Really sad.


...Spectrum's got such super vision.....M-m-m-ma
I forgot what I was going to say because the addictive theme song that's paying in the background has canceled out all rational thought. It is like audio cocaine. Must..........focus.......maintain.......wri....ting.......

Nintendo Power

This was your Bible if you had a Nintendo. If you didn't have a subscription then you knew the kid that did. You know the one......his parents just split up and bought him everything NES to rationalize which one loved him more........hahahaha. He became your new best friend. It didn't matter that his Mommy didn't love his Daddy because he bets at the track and drinks a lot. By mooching on your friends shit, you just discovered the "Justin Bailey" Metroid code and realized Samus has tits. Oh, life is funny that way.

Ocean Pacific

Ocean Pacific was around from the simple logo polo shirts of the 70's to the hyper colored t-shirts of the 80's. They are still around and kicking it at Kohl's or Target....the true death knell of a once great surf brand now gone mainstream.

Pound Puppies

I actually sent away for the name tag. Yeah, I was young. I also had a Pound Puppy tent that I put on my top bunk. Nevermind that I had a real dog that I neglected.

Quick Man

From the best sequel comes one of the hardest level/bosses, with one of the most useless weapons. Other than the Wily Stage 1 dragon boss, those boomerangs were a joke. The laser level really tested your reflexes as a kid too. The boss fight wasn't bad if you had crash bombs or flash.

Reef Sandals

These things are still popular. Teva makes some similar models but with more straps. I had a few pairs. The convertibles helped change Reef from a small surf company in Brazil to household name. *Meanwhile smelly hippies in birkenstocks quietly hatch a counter attack to once again regain market control of the unnecessary strapy sandal demographic*. Muaaaaaahhhhhh!

Sweet Pickles

These books came in a green card board bus and had a catchy theme song on TV. I loved these books and can still remember some of the stories. Don't be jealous.....

21 Jump Street

I watched this show and "Married with Children" religiously on FOX. I thought it was a cool concept of infiltrating schools and beating up drug addicts and bad guys. One day I hope to teach my children one day that it is okay to solve problems with violence as long as you think your right........that's what matters.


U2 owned the 80's and even today they are still relevant. Everyone had at least one U2 record. War was my favorite at the time.

Video Power! I used to watch and pray that they would talk about Street Fighter II because before the Internet all you had were 3-4 game magazines with limited info and whatever rumors your ill informed friends had. The cartoon was horrible on the show but the face off and the "maze of games" at the end was all I wanted to do as a kid. I was so jealous of the fat kid who ran the maze, never got the "secret" game and was too slow to snag a horde of games. I would have robbed them blind. Up to my ears in NES titles. Yeah......I'm bitter.

Where's Waldo

He's right here! That was easy. At least I'm not the kid that owned all the books and circled with a black marker where he was after reading it once. Freaking Judas!


7-Eleven and Zeno's comics was half a mile from my house and my dad used to buy me X-Men comics all the time. He didn't care that it was cartoon dribble. As long as I was reading is what mattered most. I can honestly say if you read comics growing up you probably performed better in school subjects. Cee, looky hear me rite very well.


I don't remember exactly the year but Duncan must have poisoned the water lines because the craze came back big time. I had a blue Duncan Butterfly and I learned all these tricks. Then before I knew it, the fad was over. Hey guys, look at me.... "rock the baby"......*meanwhile an Asian kid is putting on a one man show*. Damn it Lee!

Zoo Books

Books+Animals= Zoobooks.
They were on par with "Ranger Rick" and "Highlights" as far as mediocre literary entertainment. I remember the commercial more than the books. You can probably still find them at dentist offices right before you go in for a root canal. Mr. Panda is gonna make it all better......don't you worry.

Next Up: Part II

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