Little Bill
Debut: November 28, 1999
Ended: February 06, 2004

A Bill Cosby cartoon about a boy named Little Bill. The show is based on a series of books called "Little Bill" which in turn were based on Cosby's childhood life. The show is set in Philadelphia and each episode features Bill learning a childhood moral. Sonia Manzano, best known as Maria on Sesame Street was a writer for the show.

Little Bill: "I'm not scared."
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Little Bill: "Good morning, good morning! It's a happy day today! Good morning, good morning! It's circle time, let's sing and play!"
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Little Bill and his friends: "LITTLE BILL!"
Various adults: "Little Bill. Who are you talking to?"
Little Bill: "Hello friend."
Little Bill: "I broke the baby. *Gulps and turns to the audience* I BROKE THE BABY!"
Little Bill: "Bobby? When you went camping, Did you get eaten by a bear?"
Bobby: "Would I be here raking leafs if I got eaten by a bear?"
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