Rocket Raccoon

My first article about my new favorite marvel character
February 25, 2013
im gonna talk about a marvel superhero i heard of when i first got the video game, "ultimate marvel vs capcom 3"

its this heavily-armed space critter called "rocket raccoon"

heres one thing i think about him that i rather hate to admit
...he looks pretty cute
there, i said it

but first, a little history

rocket raccoon was created by bill mantlo and keith giffen and consciously inspired by the classic beatles song "rocky raccoon" which included a reference to "gideons bible"

his very first appearance was in "marvel preview #7" (summer 1976) in the back-up feature "the sword in the star"

and he subsequently appeared in "the incredible hulk #271"
i never read that comic, though i assumed that hulk and rocket raccoon were partners

think about that
a muscular green giant making friends with a tiny furry space mammal
i never heard of it

rocket raccoon had his own comics too back in the old days
i found these issues to look interesting, but i never did read any of 'em before

he also appeared in 2008 as a member of a superhero team called "the guardians of the galaxy"

speaking of which, i heard that in 2014, there's gonna be a live-action movie called "guardians of the galaxy", and that rocket raccoon will appear in it
and boy am i psyched to see that

as for on TV, raccoon appeared in "the avengers: earths mightiest heroes" in the episode "Michael Korvac"
and its said that he'll also appear in a season 2 episode of "ultimate spider-man" (i never watched that show)
now as for "ultimate marvel vs capcom 3", i got it on PS vita, and that's where i first heard of rocket raccoon
i found him to be cute and highly skilled for a small woodland creature
these 're all the sprites of him from the game in different costume colors (excluding his alternate costume)

as for his alternate costume, its his original outfit from the old comics

this image shows how that is
in fact, i didn't know that was his original comic outfit until i looked it up later on
so when i first looked at his alternate costume, i was like "hes not wearing pants" (don't take that too weird)

also in the game, whenever he wins a match, he grabs the camera and wields a knife with a close-up at his face which I found cute about him too
and on YouTube, one thing i left a comment on about rocket raccoon is that he looks cute when he threatens the camera
speaking of which, this video tributes raccoon in the game
(and shows you his cute threatening close-up like i just said)

as i started playing the game more often, i been playing as raccoon the most
even more than wolverine who im also really good at playing as
apparently i might be obsessing over raccoon
in fact, in the game, one of his dialogues before a fight starts is "lets see how cute i am after i strangle you with your own intestines"
yeah, raccoon knows hes cute too

because i started loving him, i even drew pictures of him as a happy tree friends character
yes, i really drew these

cool, huh?

lifty and shifty 're so busted right here

and here hes having a naked massage from my OC character shelldon the turtle

i do think raccoon could use that kind of break from all the space missions

by the way, people on youtube say that raccoon may be cute, though he has quite an attitude
it as from a comment i saw on a video, and i replied it saying that i think raccoon never had someone to actually adore him or even hug him
either that, or its because hes in battle mode and hes fighting opponents in ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
and another thing i forgot to mention is when he interacts with other characters before a fight starts

with wesker, he says "so whats this i hear about a place called raccoon city?"
with nemesis, he says "you sort of remind me of the hulk, only stupider"
with deadpool, he says "again, that wasn't me going through your garbage cans last night" (that one i found interesting)

and as for his interactions after he wins a fight
with chris, he says "thats what you get for letting them mess up raccoon city, you wanker!"
with nemesis, he says "man, you ugly!"
and with deadpool, he says "and thats for saying you just saw my mother at the bronx zoo" (did raccoon seriously have a mother? tell me)

he also interacts with shuma-gorath, but i don't really remember what he says
its something about eating shuma-gorath because he looks like a squid, and he says "yum"

rocket raccoons been my new favorite now and thats where i put him in my meme for deviant for my top five favorite raccoons

and obviously i put him in the middle as my most favorite of all

well thats all i have to say
rocket raccoon became my new favorite marvel character, and i can't get over his cuteness either
nor can i wait for the guardians of the galaxy movie next year
tell me what you think about raccoon and how you like my whole retrospective
this has been my very first article for retro junk
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